Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An atheists view of Islam.

Right here goes nothing. A white atheists view of Islam.
Christ I can hear the name calling already. Armies of apologists getting their typing fingers warmed up to attack me as a racist or Islamophobe.

After all in their eyes I must be one or the other. I can’t be a rational, modern liberal who abhors the partitions that religion causes between people.
I can’t just hate the brutality that is carried out in the name of some made up deity like god or Allah. Or’ I can’t be just a modern human being who doesn't see colour or race, but does see ignorance and stupidity. And I can’t just be modern free thinking person who sees that to marry your daughter of against her will, kill a loved one in the name of some backward idea of what constitutes honour, or to mutilate your own child because you think your daughter is a possession you can do with as you wish is absolutely inhuman, backward and downright ‘EVIL.

Forget culture or tradition and tiptoeing around sensitivities. Islam has many backward and downright evil practices [as has every religion] but’ at this moment in time you would have to be a fool to deny that a vast majority of barbarism, sexism, misogyny and terrorism is ‘on the whole ‘being carried out in the name of Islam.
Left wing appeasers and multicultural cheer leaders can deny this as much as they like but it’s a fact, and yes I’m well aware what is happening in Russia and Nigeria but this post is dealing with Islam.

If I knew an adult who believed in Santa I would be quite within my rights to take the mickey out of him. An adult who believes though that an invisible guy built this world,populated it with all us animals then took off and doesn't show himself; well that’s reasonable behavior isn't it?
Mind you I can take the micky out of the mad Christians and the left will say nothing. Lampoon the many mad far right bible thumping nut-jobs that are having a resurgence in the states and not a word from anti-racists. Have a go at Islam and’ oh hell- I’m Islamopobic and a racist.

The mind-set of orgs like the UAF and HnH exasperate all problems that we have. I’m not talking about rank and file supporters; I mean the organisers; the movers and shakers. They bring absolutely nothing to the table.
I’ve learned from my time in the BNP that you can’t judge everyone the same. Whether that’s members of the BNP, followers of the EDL, UAF, HnH or everyone who worships Allah.
It’s a pity the anti-racists can’t be this open minded?

So what does Islam mean to me?
One of the reasons I joined the BNP was because of Islam. This country is getting less secular, and many times it’s because we are bending over backwards to appease Islam.
The Church of England was, and is on its knees; that’s a good thing. No word of complaint from me or the left there.
But' political Islam was/is growing in strength. I know organisations like ‘Hope not Hate’ and the UAF deny this and dismiss all criticism as Islamopobia but it ‘did/does appear’ to be growing in strength.
Apologies for using the terms ‘is’, ‘was’ and ‘did’ and ‘does’ in such a way that I sound like I’m not sure either way. That's because sometimes I'm not’ but at least I’m being honest and admitting that many times I don’t know the full facts.

BUT’ I do know the perceptions, sometimes rightly or wrongly. In many cases it’s these perceptions that cause trouble. The only way to get rid of many perceptions is through open debate, free speech and criticism.

Islam to me was never about race. It was about morals and ethics.
Society has this ridiculous preconception that if you’re religious you are automatically higher up the scale of ethics and morality than us non-believers. In short you’re a better human being if you believe in a deity!

Just this week a terror suspect fled a mosque in a Niqab. All the media go to great lengths to point out that everyone who knew him was at a loss to understand his behavior and all pointed out that he was very devout man. They say this as if it was weird for a devout religious person to act like this.
Well Bin laden was devout and religious. As is Al-Qaeda ,the Taliban and  Al-shabab. So are the killers of Lee Rigby; need I go on, or do you get my point?
Every idiot that straps a bomb to himself is devout. Screwed in the head; but devout.

Of course Britain is full of many various nut jobs of different race, colour and religion. But the more that is done in the name of Islam the more we appear to bend over and to appease it.
Our political leader’s mentality appears to be “We know that atrocity does not represent Islam, so here take some more special privileges and our apologies for even doubting you”
Again this is a perception and not necessarily the case.

For every atrocity that happens, our political masters and the cultural apologists appear to bend over even further.  Determined that all Muslims should not be branded the same [and quite rightly] yet everyone who joins a political party like the BNP or marches with the likes of the EDL is obviously a racist; and always will be.

It’s these perceptions that get people angry. How much of it is real doesn't change the anger and distrust that people feel. 
It’s what they see and hear, it’s not necessarily what’s true.
All most people have to make up that perception is from the news. So forgive me if I say that it’s very rare that the news says something positive about Islam, and yes I know fine well that the media would rather publish negative stories.
Since I realised I had made a mistake by joining the BNP I do try my best to get an alternative view on most stories. I try to cut through any propaganda and see the truth. But what if you haven’t had my experience and have no reason to doubt what you hear and read? What if your only information is through the main stream media?
What if you’re so angry that you can only see the negative?

This article was not meant to insult any modern practicing Muslims. I am just trying to show the injustices that are dealt out to critics of Islam.  I've met and spoke to many decent liberal Muslims, in fact more decent ones than nut-jobs.

Britain is a multi-race country. It is far far better for it. It is without a doubt one of our strengths.
It is a multi-cultural society and again this very fact has benefited this little Island. But we have to be able to say that certain aspects that come with multiculturalism cannot and will not be tolerated.

To me and many people like me I would rather shout loudly at Islam and take the consequences if it stops one young girl being mutilated, prevents one beautiful young girl being killed by her parents and if it stops the persecution of the many decent ex-Muslims that I have spoken with, and am proud to class as friends.

Perceptions turn neighbors against one another. We need to grow up as a society and face this before it’s too late.

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