Monday, 23 September 2013

Why can I not criticise Islam?

Is it because I am white?

One of the reasons I even gravitated to the far right [briefly] was because of the anger this kind of moronic thinking sets in you.
Just last Thursday on question time, Laura Penny from the new statesman came out with usual left wing claptrap.
‘If your white and not a Muslim and if you criticise the Niqab you’re a racist’.
Moronic overtly PC clap trap like this are one of the reasons people get so angry.
Should we use that argument with the Catholic Church pedophile scandal? After all I’m not a catholic so what right do I have to an opinion on the matter? Oh hold on’ I will now be told that Catholicism is not a race.
Well guess what neither is Islam.

The reason we have a problem in this country with Islam is not necessarily with Islam itself. But because of all the left wing appeasers who label any voices of descent as racist or bigoted.
These very same people would no doubt cheer when the late George Carling would rip the holy water out of Catholicism. Or Dave Allen would parody the pope.
So why the double standard’s when it comes to Islam.

To me, these left wingers are racist. They act like an over bearing parent who is critical of anyone that chastises their child. They think they are better and more superior to the people that they pretend to protect. They are showing an astounding sanctimonious arrogance.

A few years ago whilst out canvassing I met one lady. She was very nice and engaged me in debate. She asked me 'why I hated black people so much’.
I was taken aback and said ‘I don’t hate black people, in fact I don’t hate any people’.  
She then went on to tell me that she used to work in Africa [she did say the country, but it escapes me now]. She told me that she used to work there as a teacher and ended up adopting one of her students and brought them to live in Britain to at least give one of them a better life. A most honorable and human thing to do. And I told her so.

She then went on telling me that when she lived in Africa. She would be quite often shouted at in the street by the locals. They would call her whitey and sometimes worse.
I asked her how it made her feel.  
She said that for white people to shout abusive words at black people was wrong and there was never an excuse. Complete agreement from me there.

She then came out with one of the most racist remarks I've ever heard.  
She said that for white people to abuse someone because of their colour was wrong, but for black people to abuse a white person in the same way is still wrong but we have to understand ‘that they don’t know any better’

This arrogant and patronising mind-set is what is wrong with many left wing thought processes in the west.
In many cases it is they that need to start treating all people regardless of race colour or faith as equals.


  1. Agree with this. Have thought along the same lines many times and thought that this patronizing attitude is wrong and could end up making everything worse than it already is.

  2. Two simple reasons for what you describe here: narcissism and guilt.

    The Liberal Left is enamoured with the image of its own intellectual and cultural splendour. All the classics of undergraduate Critical Theory, all the Orientalism, all the post-modern vagueness, has engineered the idea of a Caucasian civilisation that has finally evolved to humanist perfection after a colonial history and a Holocaust, to bring diversity to mankind.

    In fact, the Left believes they have invented the very idea of diversity. And it has become an ideological weapon. No more can anyone refuse it, for the mere discussion of any nationalist symbol, even as harmless as a flag, warrants the term 'racist'.

    Underpinning this ideological narcissism is in fact hideous arrogance: our European diversity is superior to your primitive thirdworld monocultural theocracy - come and celebrate being a vibrant part of our wonderful society. Our present glory is predicated on our former guilt: guilt for past colonial sins for which we now atone, with your acceptance. Wear your black face veils and garments! We see no conflict between our own insistence on liberty and your refusal of it, because your participation in our hideous conception of things only proves how perfect we have become.

    The most monstrous unstated assumption is this: once you see how superior we are, your assimilation will be no problem: you will simply WANT to be just like we are.