Monday, 30 September 2013

From Nationalism to rationalism.

In this blog I've tried to show at length how and why someone would join the likes of the BNP.
When you get angry and despondent enough with the political system your ears begin to open to anyone’s message, no matter how bigoted it may be.

But what about the journey back. The one that takes you back to the real world. The world of human beings rather than flags and culture.

When I realised the BNP was not for me. That their message was full of intolerance and bigotry. I didn't just think “phew that was a lucky escape” and walk away with a completely different mind-set.
It’s not that easy.

When I got angry and joined the party, with membership came the propaganda .The flag, St George, over infatuation with historical events etc.
I have to admit I never really bought into any of it, but it was expected so I kind of went along with the flow. And yes up to a point I did fall for some of the crap.

So what do you do when you walk away? Just go back to normal life.
No you feel like ‘okay I got that wrong but I still feel strongly about many things that they feel about’. So after a time of readjustment I decided to get active again. I saw a video for the English Democrats. With the slogan ‘were not right not left just English’. Hmm they seem more up my street; maybe I shall give them a go.

So I joined them. After all they were still nationalists but without the racism?[or so I thought] This brief alliance lasted only a few months. Luckily for me the BNP started to implode and many of the hierarchy jumped ship to this party. The way that they were so easily accepted proved to me that British Nationalism or English Nationalism, it didn't matter, both were backward and regressive. So I was politically homeless again.

A few months go by then there was a UKIP meeting in my city. Off I went to this. 
‘Could these be the ones? Definitely not racist. Just wanting away from the European Union and all the rubbish that comes with it!
This relationship was even shorter. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was just a club for Euro skeptics who didn't really do anything. No local politics no campaigning etc.It was anti-Europe but really didn't have any plan for after Europe.

Now many people will call me for all this jumping ship. But to me it was learning curve and in a way ‘deprogramming’ I was venting all the anger I still felt against the political elite but in a more positive way. After all I had gone from the openly racist BNP to the covertly racist English Democrats, then to the Europhobic UKIP. Even if there were somewhere else to go- I had had enough!

When I left the BNP in disgust I had to re-evaluate myself. I had to find what my politics were. I can imagine it’s what someone who has just turned their back on religion must do. You won’t just wake up one day and think well that’s all a crock of shit isn't it. Smile and get on with your life.
I should imagine many people have to go on a journey until they find something they are comfortable with. Thought processes are not that easy to get rid off. No matter how short a time you've nurtured them.

The reason I started this blog was to try and show that nationalism in any form no matter how watered down, is bad. It’s divisive regressive and holds us as people back.

Flags are just pieces of coloured cloth. Culture is just something that our parents and grandparents have instilled into us. More often than not this too is divisive and regressive as well.
Religion; well that is just the most evil control structure that mankind has ever come up with.
All of these do one thing and one thing only. They separate us from our neighbors. From our cousins in other countries. And most of all from peace, both within ourselves and in the wider world.

One final thing does this mean I’m a sell out and that I've changed my political ground from right to left. No not at all.
I’m neither. I was never right or left to start with. We want to put people in boxes. Left or right. Why?
I want open borders, free movement of people an EU that is not corrupt and is democratic. But unlike the post-modern left and cultural apologists I’m a realist.I take into account human nature, and don't think every single immigrant that comes here wants to live in a free society.Or that we have to bend over backwards to accommodate stupid archaic belief systems.
These idealistic fools have created most of the problems we face in the west, mass immigration ,Islamism to name but two.And the most most divisive issue of them all; multiculturalism. I would rather Britain was a nation of people, just people. Not a nation of White communities,Black Communities or Muslim communities.

Wouldn't it be good if rather than people taking extreme sides of the argument? We could actually put our efforts into finding solutions that work?
To paraphrase the so called civic nationalists of the ‘English Democrats’.
I’m not left not right just human.

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