Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The cancer started in the west and went home to the east.

A few years ago I cruised down the Nile River. Doing the usual tourist things. Temples, ruins and running the gauntlet of sellers that set up stalls between every tourist attraction and the boat. Anyone who has done this trip will know exactly what I mean. Walking past all the sellers and trying not to catch ones eye or you’ve had it. Within seconds you will have headscarves, incense burners and leather camels hanging of you.
I Loved every minute of it and never spent a Gineih.

I perfected very quickly the air of arrogance and strength that you need to give off for them to leave you alone. My wife however was not that lucky. It took her ages to realise that if you even said ‘no thank you’ they would see that as a positive sign and follow you home.
It’s the equivalent of a double glazing salesman over here putting his foot in the door.

On the boat we had a resident Egyptologist who was also quite a devout Muslim. One night whilst slowly cruising down the Nile with all the mosques starting to echo the call to prayer we got into conversation about Islam.
I asked him about what he thought of women wearing the full face veils. He just laughed and said “they are lazy” How so I asked.
Still laughing he said they can’t be bothered to do their hair or makeup before they face the world.
I took this as a positive sign that we could have an open and honest debate about Islam; and we did.

He asked me is it right that your country is full of Imams preaching hatred.
“Not full but definitely more than we know or should have” I replied.
“Do you know why Britain is full of backward looking Imams” he said
He followed on with.
“Because we kick them all out of Egypt and you fools take them in”
Before anyone starts saying that Egypt has them also he was just trying to emphasise a point.

He then went onto explain that his Islam is not their Islam. By them he meant the bearded fire
brands that are taking Islam back a thousand years.
Most significantly he told me’ that their Islam is a cancer that is being grown in the west and spreading home’, and that government in the west need to treat the cancer now.
This trip was in 2008 and sadly Britain is exporting even more terrorists all over the world. The White widow [Samantha Lewthawite] has reportedly been killed in Kenya. After her and her bunch of murdering religious retards murdered 69 innocent people!
All in the name of one of the many fantasy's [religions] that has tarnished mankind for over two millennia.

Twice I've now had the pleasure of going to Egypt. I did Cairo in 98 and loved it. I hope I get to go a third time but until the world comes together and treats Islamism for the disease that it is and stamps it out .Sadly’ I honestly can’t see me going anywhere near the place.

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