Tuesday, 13 August 2013

UAF/BNP- Different sides of the same coin

I've wrote a bit on the BNP and attempted to show that they, or groups like them will continue to get support as long as many people feel left out of the voting process. I've also touched on ‘the wrongly named’ ‘Unite Against Fascism’.
Recently’ there has been quite a few articles about these so called ‘champions of anti-racism so I thought I would throw my two cents in as well.

I’ve already covered about my run in with them at my very first BNP meeting and have mentioned them several times in other postings in this blog.

There is something wrong with a society when the three major parties and many influential people openly support groups like this.
Groups like UAF say they are ant-fascist. Would that be the same way that many brutal left wing dictators would say they are anti-fascist?
There’s this acceptance in society that left of politics is always more humanitarian, democratic and socially acceptable than the opposing right of politics. We have this default societal setting that left is always better than right. And because of this many on the left can get away with so much more than they should, and the media and mainstream politician’s don't take them on.

To the UAF the term ‘anti-fascist’ or’ anti-racist’ are just words to make them look like the good guys. After all they are fighting the BNP and the EDL. Anyone would be the good guys against fools like these.

Do the UAF think that by screaming and shouting Nazi and racist at anyone that doesn't agree with their world view that’s it’s good for democracy.
Mind you many of them don’t do democracy. Many of them are anarchists, extreme left wingers and more recently the mouth piece for many Islamic fundamentalists.
Of course not all of them can be branded this way. There are no doubt genuine anti-racists and anti-fascists who believe in what they are doing [I've met some]. But like the BNP, many who are drawn to them don’t realise the real ideology at the group's core.

They were even at Dale farm traveller site. To these anti-fascists, the neighbouring village was full of racists and fascists and the innocent victims where the Gypsies.
Like the far right, the far left are obsessed with paranoid conspiracy theories. The state being completely evil and out to trample over everybody.
To the far right the state hates white Britain’s. To the far left the state is racist and hates everyone who is not white middle class and working.

I have met the UAF many times. Once I had a information table up in a town centre and was suddenly surrounded by 35 of these fools. They throw a cordon around your table and if anyone attempts to get through to speak to you they are insulted and pushed.
A little old lady took them on. She wanted to make up her own mind about the BNP and pushed her way through. The tirade of abuse she received from these so called 'level headed liberals' was disgusting.
They then started on the local council official who told them to calm down. Fascist, Nazi and various assorted expletives was what this 60 year old gentleman was met with.
I think I should mention that when these narrow minded bigots first turned up I rang the police. The police station was 200 yards away. It took the police almost an hour to turn up.
I'm not into conspiracy theories but, draw what you want from that.

The second time I met the UAF I was in the town of Lancaster. Usual story .They surround the table and start hurling abuse. One of them in particular stuck in my mind. He approached me and calmly said “do you realise who you’re mixed up with”. Perhaps he could have turned me away then, but he was quickly interrupted by other people in my face calling me a Nazi etc.
Looking back I honestly think that guy could have made me walk away earlier than I did, but he never got the chance. His comrades succeed in galvanising me and pushing me even further in, as did their comrades every time I met them.

The trouble with orgs like the UAF  is that they don’t tackle all fascism, racism and bigotry. They are not colour blind.
They report on racists and bigots yet never do they mention Islamo-fascism or report on or protest bigots/racists who are not white.

Doreen Lawrence went on record recently saying that whites can suffer racism too, but anti –racist organisations are not interested in these kinds of crimes.
Some anti-racists target fools like Anjem Choudary. But that’s safe; no one likes him.

It’s well documented why I joined the BNP and why after realising my huge mistake I left.
I've since come to realise there are many organisations dedicated to fighting religious intolerance, racism and fascism. I wish I had known of these groups then. I don’t think I would have even attended my first meeting.
Groups like 'Quilliam' that are turning people away from religious extremism. Groups that fight archaic religious laws like ’One Law For All.
Apostate groups like the ‘Council of Ex Muslims of Britain’ who are doing so much to offer help to Muslims who are struggling with the rationale behind their faith and helping them see outside of it.
The ‘National Secular Society; fights for an equal and inclusive society where religious law does not interfere with public life and ensures everyone irrespective of colour , ethnicity or religion are equal in the eyes of the law.
Groups like these are colour blind. They don’t see colour, they just see right and wrong.

The reason for my blog was to turn people away from supporting the BNP. Just as importantly though, I wish that people would stop supporting groups like the UAF.
Many on the left have lost their way. They used to be champions for equality. Now though they are only there to attack White disenfranchised voters who don’t like some aspects of modern Britain.
These groups are part of the problem [aided by many in the media] they stop rational and sensible debate.

Britain could do with a colour blind and politically neutral anti-fascist movement.

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  1. Well written post. You have articulated what I've felt about this for some time. Organisations which define themselves merely by what they stand against are, in my opinion, doomed to fall into ever more polarised positions from which they can never escape and will ultimately acheive nothing. The EDL have defended England against nothing and no fascist has ever stopped being a fascist because members of the UAF shouted abuse at them.