Monday, 23 September 2013

The post-modern left and their continual attempt to link criticism of Islam as bordering on the Jewish annihilation in Europe

We hear it all the time from them and many Muslim commentators. BBC live’ on Sunday morning had an Imam on saying the very same thing.
They constantly say that the rising wave of criticism against Islam is the same as the vile hatred that the Nazi regime used to build up fear and hatred of the Jews before they murdered 6 million of them.
In other words. We have to stop criticising Islam or we could end up doing to the Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.
Absolute rubbish.

This is just another weapon in the vernacular of the post-modern left that appeasers of political Islam use to try and quiet dissent. Along with racist, bigot and Islamophobe.

How the hell does criticism of some aspects of Islam equate to the atrocities committed against the Jews.
The holocaust was  one of the darkest stains in modern human history and the victims should be treat with the dignity that they deserve. For someone to constantly equate other minor events with it, is frankly an insult to the people put to death in part because of their religion.
Remind me again who is committing acts of murder all over the world because of religion?

Many on the left are so convinced that if we openly criticise anyone of race or religion that it’s only a matter of time before we start rounding people who are different to us and shipping them of to be killed. Just like is happening right now in Kenya.
Again’ Sorry, remind me who is doing this atrocity. Oh yeah, radical Islam,,,again!
The only time people would be killed for their religious beliefs in this country would be if cretins like Bakri, and Choudary and political Islam got its way and got to fly their black flag above parliament.

The left wing did the very same with the gypsies camped illegally at dale farm. They tried to make everyone else the villain. Left wing fire breathing dragon Vanessa Redgrave attempted to make exactly the same nightmare scenario about the travelers.
With tears in her eyes she pleaded with the authorities to stop the eviction. "Look what Hitler did to the gypsies in WW2 .we cannot allow this to happen again"

So because of that crazy mentality and what one regime did we are supposed to just allow gypsies to pull up anywhere and do as they wish.
No of course we shouldn't. We have to stop this defence of people just because they belong to a minority.

Sometimes that minority can be wrong and we should be allowed to say so without psychotic members of the left accusing us of wanting another holocaust.

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