Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nationalist parties are not on the side of law and order.

Our judicial system has become so soft that even severe crimes are being dismissed with a slap on the wrists. Lack of deterrents and the abuse of the human rights act see rapists and murderers walking free from prison after serving very little time for their crimes.
This was one of the very reasons I attended my first BNP meeting.

It’s only when you get to the top table that you see just what their stance on law and order is.

For example; there’s the very senior official who was a very close aid to Nick Griffin. This man was only allowed to see his children under a strict supervision order. The reason? Accusations of child molestation brought against him by his ex-wife. This is openly known about and discussed by all the senior players in the party. But in typical nationalist paranoia it is dismissed as the authority’s setting up an innocent man because of his politics. 
This very reason is used to excuse anyone’s criminal background. 

Like the senior official from Cumbria. Twice he has been charged and spent time in prison for racial violence.
This guy regularly contributes to the website and was the national membership secretary.

Then there’s the ex-police officer who was thrown out of the police force and did time for defrauding an elderly lady. This same guy is now one of Griffins top security men.

There’s the very senior official who brags openly about how he was a major league drug dealer on the west coast of Cumbria. He is also very well known by many in the local community as a very violent sadist. He used to be a doorman and by all accounts liked nothing better than beating up young drunken lads and once even getting one to take the fall for him when one of his criminal endeavours went wrong.
Perhaps this is why he changed his name?

Then there’s Griffins head of security. This guy must spend more time with Griffin than anyone else. It is openly known at the top table about his previous life in the notorious Combat 18.

Nationalist parties like the BNP are laced with thugs and violent degenerates all using the same excuse. ‘I did nothing wrong I've been set up', or 'I was only fighting for what’s right and the system didn't like it’. 
As long as you’re a nationalist all crimes are forgiven!

Recently various nationalist blogs [such as Chris Beverley and Simon Darby] and websites [such as the BNP, EDL] have being trying to make political capital on the disgusting grooming cases. BUT’ only the grooming cases carried out by Muslims. 
There various news outlets have been very quiet about 'for example the gang of white men from Darby found guilty of grooming young girls. 
Nationalist’s only mention crimes that have being perpetrated by anyone who is not white Anglo Saxon. Just another way of enforcing the 'them and us' in people’s minds.

There are some terrible things coming to light about some authorities turning a blind eye to some grooming of children. Turning a blind eye because the perpetrators where Muslim and the local authorities were afraid of cultural sensitivity’s. This ridiculous mind-set pushes people towards far right parties.

Party’s like the BNP are trying to make political gains out of this and cause division, distrust and anger in our communities. Parties like the BNP like to say it is because it is a coordinated plot by the authorities and that white people are expendable. More absolute bullshit!

Our obsession with multiculturalism and our total denial that perhaps there are some bad elements regarding it has allowed these disgusting things to take place. What the BNP doesn't mention though is that this very same obsession with multiculturalism has allowed hundreds perhaps thousands of young girls to suffer female genital mutilation, forced marriages and honour killings.

Why don’t they mention this? Because it’s not happening to white girls. Young girls of Asian or African descent are of no interest to party's like this, because in their eyes these children should not be in Britain. 
Also to mention it would destroy their victim status that atrocities are only happening to white people at the hands of ethnic minorities.

This victim status is at the very heart of Nationalist politics

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