Monday, 24 September 2012

Islamic hysteria =Far right euphoria

As the world watches in disgust, mobs around the world riot. Angry because of a piece of film! A piece of film made by one group of fanatics to inflame another group of fanatics!

Some of the few people rubbing their hands with glee are the nationalist parties of the far right. As any right minded person looks on in horror and disgust the far right are relishing what is happening. Their websites and varied blogs are full of stories relating to the riots and other such issues to do with radical Islam.
They are not concerned about the people living under these barbaric systems, there main and overriding reason is that this backward ideology is being imported into Britain and that they can use it to garner support.

The UK right wing nationalist movement no longer consists of only the NF and the BNP. A huge fallout between Griffin and other senior officials ended up with many of them either starting rival parties such as British freedom and Britain First or joining established party’s such as the English Democrats.
These are all now baying to be top dog in the world of backward nationalism.

Now it’s worth mentioning that these officials did not leave because of ethical or moral issues like the inherent racism of nationalism?
No it was about money! They didn’t like the fact that Griffin was bleeding the party dry of funds. Most left for that reason and not because they had seen they were wrong and rethought there twisted ideologies.

One prominent nationalist who has been jumping on the bandwagon for a few weeks is Chris Beverley. Beverley was a prominent figure in the BNP up until last year when he also left because of Griffins bad management of the party.
It’s very interesting to note that although Beverly left the BNP he still works for BNP Mep Andrew Brons. This very fact shows that his views remain the same.
Now in his new home of the English Democrats Party he is obviously trying to reinvent himself as a caring and world aware person.

He recently did an article on his blog regarding the horrors of Female Genital mutilation [FGM] and how it is happening to young girls in Britain. Any right thinking person should be appalled by this practice, but when it comes to Nationalists like Beverley; don’t be fooled. 
Why? Because it’s not happening to white girls! The young girls who are suffering this barbaric cruelty are of North African and Middle East descent.

Nationalists like Beverley don’t care about this; the girls are not white Anglo Saxon. The fact that it happens routinely in countries like Somalia has absolutely no bearing on them. This is the real sickness of nationalism. Lately he has being promoting the writings of humanitarian and author Ayan Hirsi Ali. Not because of her humanitarian work but because of what she says about radical Islam.
To him and people like him it’s just another means to get the British people to see ‘them and us’!

In my brief role working in the constituency office for Griffin I witnessed this indifference many times.  
On one occasion I received an email from a group of people fighting to help a young Iranian exile. This man had started an internet campaign to support his sister who was speaking out against radical Islam and the Iranian regime. Eventually ‘when his life was in danger’ he fled to the UK as a refugee.
He was now facing imminent deportation a prison sentence and most certainly death. The group had emailed every Mep asking for help. I raised the subject with the most senior party member and official in the office, Tina Wingfield. 
I said we should help this guy, after all surely we should be helping real political refugees and  if we did it would show the public our humanitarian side [I added this piece in the hope that this would sell it to her].
Wingfield just looked at me in total confusion “why” she said. "Why should we help him we are a nationalist party" I said “he deserves our help” she just looked and shrugged her shoulders and got back to her work.

Most senior players in the nationalist movement may try to hide their racism but the one thing they do show openly to the world is there indifference. Nationalists believe that we should not get involved at all in foreign affairs. Whatever happens in another country has absolutely nothing to do with us and we should leave them to it. Women’s rights, FGM, Honour killings, genocide, mass murder, ethnic cleansing the reign of brutal dictators all have absolutely nothing to do with Britain.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ethnic national party like the NF or BNP. It doesn’t matter if you’re a civic nationalist party like the English Democrats or cultural nationalists like the British freedom party, it all comes down to the same thing; indifference to your fellow man. 

Indifference to anyone who is different to you !

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  1. Well written Ali, it does help to clarify what the BNP and other Nationalist Parties really think! indifference is just as damaging as agreeing with!