Friday, 26 October 2012

If you want to live here learn British history. The absurdity of the citizenship test

Labour MP Sidique Khan is being criticised into day’s daily mail

In the article he states that immigrants know more about British history than indigenous Britain’s. He may well be telling the truth, but there’s a simple reason for this. New comers have to learn our history to pass the test, not rocket science that!

As for the test, we seem to have this strange notion that to be British and fit in here you should have a good knowledge of our history! Why?

Why does an immigrant need to know about British history to come here, its nonsense?
This foolhardy test was only brought in to placate the far right. Maybe most Britons don’t know much about British history because they are not that interested. Most have more important things to occupy their time, like Job, income, family etc.

Far right parties are obsessed with history. Now don’t get me wrong history is important.
It explains where we have come from as a society and how we got to the point we are at now. And let’s face it makes good reading. It’s full of intrigue, injustice, murder and corruption.
As a society we can’t ignore history; we have to learn from earlier mistakes.

However’ when it comes to the far right real life politics comes second place to what took place on some muddy field in England hundreds of years ago, push them on politics and policy’s and their ignorance shines through.

Party’s like the BNP revel in the fact that Scotland, Ireland and Wales can celebrate their patron saint whilst English people have to some extent been vilified for wanting to fly a cross of St George or celebrate their patron saint.
Why? Because colonialism and empire although done in the name of Britain, was in essence done in the name of England [simply because England was by far the larger country]. Scotland Ireland and Wales don’t suffer this same stigma, because ‘in many cases’ they were being as subjugated as the rest of the empire.
In many cases it’s this very fact that feeds the far left and is responsible for their collective guilt and there apparent support for anyone who is not English.
This is the one of the driving force behind multiculturalism.

This blatantly obvious difference between the English and our neighbors is exploited to the full by the far right. This is why the likes of the BNP may be British by name but it’s really all about the English. They have very little support anywhere else [and if they do it’s along sectarian lines]

Is it because our neighbors don’t have to suffer this collective guilt about our past and therefore can show there pride in being Scottish, Welsh and Irish?

The times I had to sit through history lessons during BNP meetings. All the time thinking what the hell has this to with today’s problems.
Even David Cameron ‘whilst appearing on Letterman’ was lambasted a few weeks ago because his knowledge on British history was shaky.
So what! I would rather we had a prime minster who knew about modern day politics and economics [the jury’s still out on this one, time will tell and ironically it will be history that judges him on his this]

Surely the citizenship test should concentrate more on a person bringing modern day values and morals to the UK.
For far too long ‘under the cult of multiculturalism we have seen archaic and primitive societal and religious beliefs and practices brought into the country. We need to move away from this ridiculous mind-set that says we cannot criticise other cultures. It should be every modern person’s moral obligation to do so!

It’s not about knowing about Britain in the past it’s about caring about Britain in the future. A future, that secures human rights, equality, fairness and man-made justice.

If it’s a question of whom I would rather settle here I would rather they held modern day values and knew nothing about history.

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