Monday, 8 October 2012

Guardian poll

I’ve just being sent this article from the guardian

I don’t think polls like this give the whole picture.
I think people are so fed up with unlimited immigration and the pandering to fundamentalist Islam that they say “okay shut the doors, no more immigrants and especially no more Muslims”.

Why are they saying this?
Labour in their quest to build a multicultural utopia has created so much resentment and division in British society and people are sick of it. People are not against multiculturalism because they don’t like other cultures. They are against multiculturalism because it causes separation, and community’s to isolate themselves from each other.

If Labour had not pursued there multicultural nightmare, immigration would not have been nowhere near the issue it is now.
Nationalism blossomed under New Labour. It’s all but gone now. If the coalition doesn't change things it could make a comeback.
Griffin and nationalist policy’s never got me to go to a BNP meeting. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did.

It was interesting to watch the debate on immigration last week. The audience was very mixed. Black, brown, white, new immigrants, second and third generation immigrants.
Most of the audience ‘irrespective of colour’ wanted immigration capped. So do they all hold far right views?

It’s not fair to say that you hold far right views because you are sick of mass immigration. 
I genuinely believe most Brits are like myself. They don’t give a damn about the colour of someone’s skin or their culture. 
They care about two things. Can the country take them and are they bringing something beneficial for Britain. 
I also believe most people don’t have a problem with asylum seekers and political refugees. However’ if too many this again breeds resentment.

We hear all the time about public services groaning under the strain of the hundreds of thousands of new arrivals. We also hear about radical Islamist's trying to change society for their own twisted ideology and appearing to get away with it because of ethnic sensitivity’s.

Just because a person voices the same concerns that are voiced  by backward looking retarded parties like the British National Party, English Democrats, British Freedom, Britain First, National front and god knows who else [there appears to be new ones every week] does not necessarily make you the same as them.

One thing I do agree with what the guardian says though is that the older generation are more susceptible to far right parties.
I met loads of elderly supporters, they weren’t Nazis or racist. 
I believe they just couldn’t cope with the rate of change inflicted on them. 
They also tend not to be connected to the web therefore they can’t check what nationalism is really all about
So they see problems in society and they only hear people like Nick Griffin speaking about it. They have no idea what he is really all about so they support him.

It’s not fair to tar all Muslims as fundamentalist so don’t tar everyone else as Islamophobic, racist and right wing.

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