Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nationalist propaganda and victim status.

I see the English Democrats [EDs] are employing the same tactics as the British National Party.
This is hardly surprising since the English democrats have now become ‘for all intense purposes’ BNP mk 2. They have had so many leading ethno-nationalist BNP officials and members join that it’s hard to see any difference between the two parties.

Of course the EDs will say policy wise that they are completely different parties, but anyone with any experience of the far right will know that policies for public consumption and their real agenda can be completely different.

One of the most comical elements of far right politics is the obsession they have with each other. They spend as much time attacking rival party’s [especially party’s that are aligned ideologically to themselves] as they do the party and the policies of whoever is in power. They all want to be the big fish in the little pond that is British Nationalism.

One example of this mentality is the Blog ‘English passports’ which is run by senior Ed’s official and resident loon Steve Uncles.
He spends an enormous amount of time attacking his far right rivals for the Nationalist vote.
Apart from other far right party’s he is also obsessed with UKIP. Not because UKIP is a nationalist party but just in case people who are fed up with the European Union or mass immigration should think of voting for them instead of the EDs.
It’s not just UKIP he attacks. Any party with any policies resembling ‘in any way at all’ his own parties are also in his sights.

Uncles is currently standing for the role of police commissioner in Kent in the upcoming elections.
Also standing is a candidate for the Green party.
Steve Uncles [resident loon] now has this guy in his deranged sights.

Surely the Greens have no common policies with the EDs?
Well actually they do. The greens would also like to see an English parliament. Therefore in typical nationalist paranoid style uncles has to attack them.
The EDs are terrified that any voters wishing to see an English parliament may vote for the non-extremist, liberal, moral party. In other words, the Green party!
So how does he think he can solve this dilemma? He tries to label his Green opponent a Nazi?
Calling a Green a Nazi is like calling a member of the National front a liberal, its absolute nonsense.

Apart from trying to ensure any English parliament supporters votes come his way it’s also standard far right mentality. They really do believe that if you throw words like Nazi and racist around at all and sundry these words will somehow become less harmful. Therefore when they get called these names they can say ‘so what even the greens get called Nazis’.
Pathetic, yes
Does it work, no.
Do they think that it works, most definitely!

You really can not underestimate the level of intelligence that runs through nationalist politics
One of the most laughable was the day before Griffins appearance on question time [the day before I resigned and walked away in disgust, see first entry of this blog]
Griffin was constantly on the phone all day to our office “find out how much the EU costs” “How much subsidy does the UK get” and other such questions. I don’t think for one moment he thought he was going on there to debate politics but he had to try and prepare just in case.

Now one Griffins closest confidant is Pat Harrington. Harrington is a long term acquaintance of griffin even accompanying him when he flew to Libya trying to forge an alliance with Colonel Gaddafi.
Harrington sent all staff a video to watch on how to keep your cool ,look good and win a debate when faced with difficult questions about policy’s, image, etc. The video was an aggressive interview with a well-known person.
Who was this person being interviewed on the video?
A political giant like Bill Clinton or Margaret Thatcher!

No it was Marilyn Manson the shock Goth rocker!

In the video Manson was being interviewed in relation to a fan killing himself after listening to his music.
Harrington said all members of staff need to watch this video because it contains all we all need to learn on how to handle the media. I've still got absolutely no idea what the logic [if any] was behind this.
Again I felt like I was entering the twilight zone!

Now Griffin and his cohorts knew there was a chance that his invitation on QT was just to ridicule him and make him look bad.
But they had a plan.
If QT went well all officials were to spend all day Friday sending of emails and telephoning as many media outlets as possible [all under different names]. Why?
To congratulate Mr Griffin and how honest and straight forward he had come over and how he was a shining light in British politics.

If QT had went bad and Griffin was shown up, the very same officials would employ the same tactics phone every media outlet [again under different guises]and complain about how bad it was that Mr Griffin had been hung out to dry and it was shocking how he was treat.
The BNP was hoping for the second scenario.

The reason for this is because British Nationalism thrives on victim status.
They truly do believe that the British people will eventually turn on mass and support them if they can milk this victim status for all that is worth. They really believe the old adage that the British people support the underdog.

Nationalism runs on victim status. Everyone is out to get us; it’s not fair, there all traitors they keep us locked out because they know we are right etc. etc.
I'm glad to say I have no idea how this plan went because I never returned to the BNP, instead I turned off my phone and dropped of my resignation letter. 

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