Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What now for Tommy Robinson?

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have left the EDL. SO’ what now?

I’m not privy to any information about the whys and wherefore about how this happened [despite the timing of my post on Monday; purely coincidental] but all I can say is ‘if they are genuine’ good luck to them. They are working with the forward thinking ‘Quilliam foundation’ that will mentor and guide them on another path.  After all who better to guide someone away from an extremist organisation than someone who were once themselves members of extremist organisations?

I watched Robinson on ‘Newsnight’ and thought he came over well. But’ I didn't like what he said about halting Muslim immigration. That’s the last thing we should be doing. We need to continue welcoming refugees and asylum seekers from anywhere, but we must insist that they leave their cultural baggage where they fled from.
By this I mean archaic customs such as Sharia law, Forced marriages, FGM and other such Stone Age practices, that we in the west 'should' find abhorrent.
We need to get past culture. It’s about acting as 21st century human beings. The only question immigrants need to answer.
Do you want to live in a secular, free, equal and modern society?


So now it all depends what Tommy Robinson’s politics are as in how he casts of his past?
If he joined Labour his past would be forgiven overnight. EX BNP and NF members appear to have become extremely clean by supporting them? They can even write books about the violence they participated in towards black and Asian people. But because they have adopted and embraced the post-modern cultural apologist mantra of unrestricted multiculturalism they are clean.
The left never expose ex far-right people in the ranks of Labour, but will use them joining another party to attack it. After all Anti-fascist organisations are strongly linked to the unions and the Labour party. That’s a fact.

Whilst in the BNP I saw how these organisations worked. They undoubtedly do parties like the BNP harm but first and foremost they are political. I've already mentioned that the Tories and liberals treat me [on the whole] well. The bile and hate that comes from Labour and their political partners has to be seen to be believed.
I still get some now just walking down the street by some antifascist Muppet who doesn't know I quit, and I’m only know in my town. Robinson and Carroll have national recognition.

The antifascists leaflet on behalf of the unions and Labour. After all, its Labour votes that the BNP was taking, because it was the working classes that had been let down by Labour. None of the other parties ever put third part leaflets out against the BNP. They tended to take on the BNP directly. The way it should be done.   

The antifascists need an enemy. It was mentioned in the Quilliam press conference that Robinson may be setting up a new political party. If he is a threat to Labour votes he will find himself back under the antifascists radar, and if he even mentions immigration or any questions to do with Islam, again  he will find himself back in the spotlight as a fascist.

There is nothing wrong with having these conversations but we are, and need to be very cautious about who is having them and why?
That is not a veiled word of caution about Robinson. That should apply to anyone. It’s not about the conversations and questions we should be having.  It’s about the agenda behind them.

Also’ Just a word on Griffin! I mentioned in the previous post that Griffin loses his seat next year. No more money, very few members.
I said he would move more to the EDL strategy of street protests. Well I think he may have been forced to move his grand plan forward after Tommie’s resignation. He is falling over himself on all social media to get as many EDL over to him as possible.
Some will no doubt go over to the BNP. But many will go the same way as the BNP when it fractured a few years ago. Lots of little wannabes setting up different groups, fighting each other for supremacy.

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