Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A bit more on the BNP in regards to the EDL news

Yesterday while everyone was watching Robinson, Carroll and Quilliam. I was watching Nick Griffin.

Several times I have stated that Griffin is insanely jealous of the EDL. He craves to be that kind of figure head, leading an army of 'angry white men'.
Since the EDL formed he has bounced back and forward from ridiculing them and calling them 'Zionist puppets' to holding out the olive branch in the hope of a merger.

It costs nothing to be a member of the EDL; there is no membership. Thousands of angry men 'thinking' they are taking affirmative action against radical Islam and paying nobody for the privilege. Griffin has been spitting feathers since their inception and all the money he could have made.

I've already said that Griffin will emulate the EDL next year. At the moment he is an MEP. This will come to an end next June. With the office of MEP and being a political party he has to operate within legal, moral and ethical parameters. Next year he will no longer have this restriction. He has realised that as politics go he and his fringe party are finished.
Bring on phase 2.Back to the days of street protests.

When he first started out he was National front. He was actually largely responsible for taking the protesters of the streets and getting them involved in politics.
He thought he could gain power and influence that way. That's all been for nothing. His party is virtually gone.
I think he will go back to the old days of marching and trying to provoke this race war he spends hours dreaming off.
He genuinely believes that this war is coming and he will carried aloft by the downtrodden 'white people of Britain' to save them in their hour of need. Lunatic!

He has tried to organise some street demos but they have been quite pathetic in their numbers. Like-minded People have had the EDL to march behind and he's ended up being stood on the sidelines, watching, fuming and thinking what may have been.

Even after the evil murder of Lee Rigby, Griffin couldn't summon up more than a few people. He tried to get people up for a march [with him at the front of a motorcade saluting and waving to his legion of admirers] but to no avail. A couple of dozen acolytes ended up showing up as he laid a wreath.
In comparison the EDL had mass protests all over Britain!

So will the EDL stay as it is or will it fracture into regional units? I think Griffin would prefer it broke up. He has already forged alliances with such EDL factions as the 'North West infidels' and the 'English volunteer Force'. He will be hoping to do the same again with any newly formed extremist groups.
If the EDL does remain as a national protest group he will desperately try to forge alliances with the new leadership. Of course this all depends who and if, anyone takes over?

Ironically the one thing that stopped Griffin and Co getting their dirty hands on the EDL was Robinson and Carroll. They would have nothing to do with him. Well now they have gone and just watch this space.

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