Monday, 8 July 2013

Griffin and middle East dictators.

While the world looks on naval gazing ‘again’ Syria continues to unravel as Assad’s military machine ruthlessly butchers innocent men, women and children. Most civilised and progressive people see the Assad regime for what they are-murderers.

Some however don't. The BNPs Nick Griffin has just visited the warzone on behalf of the European Union and reports that all is fine, and as usual the lying media are making it all up, and it’s really the rebels that are causing all the trouble, and anyways even if there are innocents being killed what has it got to do with us, after all they are foreigners, let them get on with it. Heart-warming sentiment!

In 2011 he flew to Russia, again on a ‘fact finding mission’ and sang the praises of the democratic process and the way that Putin runs the country.
The same Putin who at this moment is pushing through archaic laws that make a homosexuals life even harder than it was before.
Griffin also flew out to Libya in 1986 in the hope of garnering support and money from Colonel Gaddafi [even Gaddafi told him to shove off]. He had previously praised the Ayatollah Khomeini and several years later even shared a stage with the hook handed moron-Abu Hamza.
Griffin really knows how pick his friends!

The only other person in British politics who is as bad is respect MP George Galloway. Like Griffin he too has had many a love affair with despots and tyrants.
As well as cozying up to Saddam Hussein and President Assad he names Fidel Castro as his hero and has a soft spot for that old holocaust denying champion of human rights Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
He’s also on record extolling the virtues of the barbaric North Korean regime saying it has a cohesive, pristine, and innocent society. He needs to read ‘escape from camp 14’ instead of focusing on the anti-American propaganda that the Kim family peddle.
But, like Griffin Galloway is steeped in conspiracy theories, and if you don’t agree with him, well you’re obviously illiterate, gullible and stupid.

Griffin blames the Jews for all the worlds’ ills [it’s even them that are orchestrating all the trouble carried out in the name of Islam]; Galloway blames the Americans and Israel. The only reason Galloway is tolerated where Griffin is not is because Galloway is not racist. This fact alone allows many left wingers and Liberals to embrace him as one of their own.
After all, as long as your heroes are left wing it doesn’t matter if they are dictators or mass murderers.  As long as they kill for a political ideology rather than a racist one, they’re fine.

Is this the yard stick we use in this country to judge people?
We allow hate preachers to come here, and poison our youth’s minds and when many in the Muslim community have asked for help to deal with these people, our authorities dare not intervene as they are terrified of being branded racist.
Yet when two far right American lunatics [Gellar and Spencer] want to come here to address a rally by the permanently drunk and odious EDL they are [quite rightly] banned.
We have a very screwed up moral compass in this country as to who we deem fit to give a voice too and who we do not.
We shouldn’t be letting in any extremists who are intent on stirring up racial, sectarian or religious hatred, and surely there are other ideologies that are just as bad as racism? Radical Islam, to name just one.

Anyways, back to Griffin. He has admitted on twitter that the BNP received a donation from Assad. Far be it from me to suggest that this money won’t have had any effect on his report?
After all without some sort of miracle he is all but guaranteed to lose his cushy MEPs role next year [and the very generous pension that comes with being elected twice], and without this golden purse for them to dip into god knows how the BNP will contest elections.
A few ‘Donations’ from various despots would go a long way to softening the financial blow of losing his seat.

One final thing and forgive me for the plug. Christopher Roche, a PHD student from Bath university is raising money for the Save the children’s ‘Syrian crisis appeal’
We have all seen the desperate situation in Syria. Estimates suggest two million people have fled the country as refugees and millions more displaced internally. As usual it’s the children who suffer most. Please support people like Christopher and donate here.

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