Friday 11 January 2013

Political correctness,human rights and the far right.

For a few years now no one could have escaped the oppressive regime that appears to exist in the UK. The injustices dealt out in the name of political correctness and the human rights act anger many people. Many times made worse and inflated by our overly sensationalist media.

People are furious how things got to this. There appears to be a whole industry of do gooders that has been  built up running, organising and ruining all aspects of British life and all of this fuelled by politicians obsession with building an ‘all-inclusive diverse society.
A cause ‘which at its centre’ is undoubtedly a good thing but the way that it has been done has caused so much resentment amongst and between different communities and sections of British society.

One of the reasons I even attended my first BNP meeting was because of this culture of ‘seemingly’ aggressive and alienating regime of political correctness and the apparent madness carried out because of the human rights act.

When you get angry with the system you become more open to messages coming from fundamentalist and extremist groups like the BNP. 
To them all PC is wrong, the human rights act needs scrapped and all equality laws need thrown out!
I'm lucky I got over my angry stage very quickly realised that their answer was no solution and saw the real agenda of the far right.

Britain was a divided nation. We had racism, inequality and injustices against minorities. We brought in race laws to protect people from bigotry and prejudice; we needed them and still do.
Race laws have greatly reduced the instances of open racism taking place in our country.
Political correctness has undoubtedly helped in reducing the cases of homophobia from what they were years ago.
Equality laws have ensured that women are getting more protection in the workplace and in society.
The human rights act has ensured that every citizen in the UK has basic rights that every human being needs and deserves.

The human rights act in particular is a divided topic. It’s far from perfect but we seem to have this mentality now in Britain; you’re either for it or against it. Keep it or scrap it!
This is crazy and it’s playing into the far rights hands. They dedicate huge parts of their propaganda machine to tell the voter that they are the only parties that will scrap this act.

We don’t have to scrap the human rights act or political correctness.  We just need to make sure they work properly and work for everybody.

Nationalist parties like the BNP use this modern culture to drum up support. They cite it as reasons that society is now unequal and blame most of our ills on these very reasons.
They campaign against race laws that they say are now racist against white people. They blame this very culture for the breakdown of society.

They don’t tell you the real reason that they want the human rights act and all race and equality laws scrapped.

The law has and always will protect people against physical harm. If there were no equality laws you would not be able to physically attack a gay, black or brown person. This is the typical excuse that parties like the BNP give when they are trying to hide what would be the real consequences of their actions and pretending that it would have no adverse effect on society.
BUT, if we had no equality laws no political correctness, things would be very different.

For instance if an African or Asian family moved into an area where the far right were strong and it was no longer illegal to abuse them verbally how long before they were intimidated enough to leave.

If a gay couple were walking down the street and the homophobic abuse that once was all too common was no longer illegal, would being gay be forced ‘through fear’ to go back into the closet and treat as dirty.
In short under a far right government like the BNP this behaviour could become the norm.

One very interesting way they avoid directly answering important questions is on the policy of  voluntary repatriation of anyone who does not fit there Anglo-Saxon heritage.  When asked about this policy, they always say “we would not kick anybody out who was here legally". We would have a voluntary scheme where as people who were not of Anglo Saxon heritage could take a payment of the government to leave”
They then state that these conditions exist at the moment. These payments actually exist now and have done for a few years; which is actually true.

The big difference is that under a far right government it would no longer be illegal to harass anyone of different ethnic origin, make them feel unwelcome or refuse them employment because of the colour of their skin.
How long before many feel like they have no choice but to accept this voluntary repatriation payment. 
The more that take the payment the less that remain [remember there would be absolutely no more immigration] the less that remain the easier it will become to isolate the remaining ones. An ever decreasing circle until they get their wish of a white Britain.
Political correctness, human rights, diversity awareness all belong in modern Britain They belong in any modern civilised country but not in their present form. They need amended and the whole industry around it needs looked at. People are sick of it they are sick of the way the likes of Abu Qatada cannot be deported because of his human rights and the British voter and tax payer has absolutely no say in the matter.
This is giving a totally distorted view of the whole reason for human rights.
We have to be very careful that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Britain will be the poorer and more dangerous for it.


  1. Excellent summary of BNP's true purpose

  2. I'm from another European country. And I know (from own experience). That extreem right is looking for people. Who's basic human rights get violated. But extreem right is not "the way". They don't care. About the underdogs. There has to come a new form of "left" (-:

  3. I like th think that i am a patriot as patriotism does not have a colour bar but the ideologies of islam are not compattable anywhere as seeing what is going on in North Africa / Middle East, Our Constitution allows our Civil Liberties so a change in a way of life and Sharia Courts is a no brainer