Saturday, 15 December 2012

It’s not just about terrorists.

One of the main concerns I had when I attended my first BNP meeting was creeping political Islam.
Where I live in the Cumbria we have very few problems associated with fundamentalist Islam. In fact Gordon Brown stated that Cumbria is ‘hideously white’. How insulting to this area, he made it sound like Cumbria is full of racists. No wonder the BNP made such ground up here. Not because we are racists but because new labour made it sound like we should be ashamed because we don’t have as many black/brown immigrants as other places.
Again' labour doing the recruiting for Griffins propaganda machine!

We may not have the same ethnic mix up here but we do have the same media as everyone else and you would have to be blind not to see what is happening in other parts of the country and more worryingly in other parts of the world with political Islam.

For years the news has been dominated by events in Islamic countries and the effects of what happens in the name of Islam. Obviously there are many reasons for injustice, intolerance and violence around the world, but you cannot escape that a disproportionate amount of it is happening in Islamic countries or in the name of Islam. Many on the left use the argument ‘but we have done far worse in our history’. This may be true, but it’s in the past.  Are we supposed to allow arse-holes to behave in such a way because other arse-holes behaved like that in the past?

It’s not just the terrorist acts of 9/11, 7/7. There has always been and sadly there always will be acts of violence perpetrated by ideological cretins. Not just in the name of Islam but also for the backward causes of nationalism, racism and many other prejudices and bigotry's.  When it comes to Islam ‘though’ it’s not the terrorism that worries me and many like me, but more importantly it’s the sexism, homophobia, misogynism and ‘far too often’ violent and sadistic treatment of people in the name of this religion.
Female genital mutilation, forced marriage, so called honour killings [to me one of the worst crimes there is. To kill a loved one because of your own pathetic retarded Stone Age belief system and that this act will somehow restore your honour. This is evil]

Can anybody blame any rational right thinking person for not wanting to import this kind of backward and regressive thinking into our country.

I approached the major parties with my concerns and they all went into overly PC mode.
They all denied there were any problems and that it was imaginary and they all reverted to the usual rhetoric
“Islam is a religion of peace and there is much we can learn from it and the vast majority of Muslims are not interested in fundamentalism and extremism”

At the time I remember thinking “okay show me the evidence”, where are your facts and figures to back up this statement. This statement appears to have become a mantra for the major political parties and many on the left and if you don’t agree with it your racist or Islamophobic!

As I've already said it’s not about the terrorism. As I write this the news is coming in from America about the horrendous killing of children at a school in Connecticut. 
There will always be evil people and as a society we need to push them too, and keep them on the fringes. Take away there power where they can do as little harm as possible.
This obsession with multiculturalism though has seen the importing and tolerance of barbaric practices into this liberal country.
We now have Sharia courts sitting in the UK. A system that has absolutely no bearing or right to be in the modern world. The modern world should be built on man-made rational laws not Stone Age archaic beliefs systems that were made for that time [and not even fit for then]

There is no doubt that nationalist parties are drumming up anti-Islamic feeling for their own backward ideology. They do deserve the mantle of Islamophobic.
But many organisations on the left use this terminology all too freely to attack anyone they see fit.
They seem to be stuck in this mind-set that minority’s need defended no matter what; even if there are some things about that minority that is unacceptable. They brand far too many people who have concerns about Islam as Islamophobic.  

So the left fight for minorities! But’ what about the minority within that minority?
What about the young girls been genitally mutilated?
What about the inherent bigotry that goes with any religion? ‘My religion is the right one therefore I'm more superior to you because you believe in the wrong god’.
What about the minority, made up off young girls been forced into marriage against their wills?
And what about the many women trapped in a societal cage that they would love to break free from if only we had not encouraged and allowed different communities to shut them away from mainstream society so as it has harder for integration to take place.

These organisations seem to be very choosy which minority they fight for!
They should be at the forefront and being vocal about homophobia, sexism and misogynism in any part of society; main stream Islam included. You should defend minorities but not at the expense of basic human rights and common sense!

Hope not Hate published a report on line several months ago [the counter-jihad report] 
In this report they had the obvious and very real racists and bigots such as the BNP but among the major players they also had Baroness Cox;
Why? Because she was campaigning against Sharia law.
This was altered within a few days of going on-line and her name was removed.

They also in their opening statement in this report state that growing Islamophobia in the USA has already resulted in banning Sharia law in several states. They say this is as if it’s a bad thing.

Organisations such as these are no doubt well-meaning and do a hell of a lot of good work
combating the growth of parties such as the BNP but they appear to have this mind-set that that if you speak of the same problems that the BNP speak of you must be an Islamophobic bigot as well.

This Islamophobic term is doing so much harm. Yes the BNP and many of the other nationalist movements are undoubtedly Islamophobic, but most people who speak out are just rational citizens.

In my time in the BNP I stood for election a few times. Knocked on hundreds if not thousands of doors and spoke to just as many in the streets. Very rarely did I hear a racist comment. Very rarely did I hear anyone say that they wanted to stop immigration or kick people out. Most people where concerned with 'MASS' immigration and communities integrating.
But it has to be said that when people did express any worries about any immigrant community it was always the same, Islam and Muslims!

For far too many people the whole issue of immigration and any negative aspects of it has become synonymous with the Islamic community.

Immigration is again being debated, this time by the Labour party. The same party that allowed unlimited mass immigration and is responsible for making it such a divisive issue. As usual they are making it sound like all problems would disappear if everyone spoke the same language.
Do they really think it’s that easy? 
Do they really think that all the problems are coming over with new immigrants and it’s because they don’t speak English?

Most of the terrorists have been born in the west. Fools like Anjem Choudary and most of his band of inadequate men were born here and speak perfect English. But it’s these idiots who are pushing for Sharia law.

Of course everyone who lives in the same country should be able to communicate with each other, but it’s this infatuation with multiculturalism that is causing division.
Britain is a modern and diverse society. The 2011 census states that we are the most diverse society in Europe. That we have the highest percentage of mixed race children. This is all excellent news for Britain and makes it the modern country that it is [It’s only the nationalists who want to see Britain full of white people. Most people just want to see Britain full of decent people] but we have to be able to criticise the elements that we don’t want here and we need to fight vigorously for EVERY person and stuff ethnic or cultural sensitivity’s.

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