Friday, 8 February 2013

Nationalists and conspiracies

Can I just add a note before the main post?  Although I much appreciate the dozens of threats and insulting comments I am receiving from far right nutters [ I know I must be annoying quite a few of you] they won’t be published if you cannot make a valid argument without resorting to foul language and threats.

Nationalists have a conspiracy theory for everything. 
Off course they still have the old comfortable one; the Zionists did it! But it’s only when you get deep inside the organisation that the other nut job conspiracies come out.
The largest and most popular by far is the one that the government and the political establishment are all working together to destroy the white Anglo Saxon race. This same establishment hate everything that is British.
Of course, the first obvious flaw in this master plan is this.
Can you imagine how much time and effort the establishment must put in to see this master plan come to fruition?
How much dedication and planning this would take?
Our political elite can’t organise a party in a brewery yet this same group of ineffective and unskilled buffoons are overseeing this master plan to see the white race eliminated!

Then there is ‘The Marxists are behind everything!
Every liberal, teacher, police officer, politician, civil servant, TV presenter, newspaper, journalist etc.
In a nut shell if you’re not a nationalist or if you agree with liberal democracy and humanity you’re a Marxist!
According to the far right, the Marxists even have their own organisation ‘Common purpose’. This was set up to brainwash public sector workers with Marxist ideology.
This way they can control all aspects of British life and oversee a Marxist revolution.To a nationalist it’s a subversive plan to get the whole country ran by Marxists.
You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

There then comes the relatively new one.
Global warming is just a scam ran by the Marxists to gain control over the masses. The fact that the vast majority of experts agree that it is happening is just more proof to nationalists just how embedded the Marxists are.
Global warming is happening and the human race is causing it. But, it doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to see governments have jumped on an opportunity to raise more taxes and big business to make more profits.
To a nationalist that explanation is just far too simple.

Once you are into conspiracies, there really is no limit. There is 911; the Jews did it. This conspiracy they share with the mad Islamists.  Lady Diana was murdered as was David Kelly. MMR inoculations cause autism. David Koresh and Waco and how the FBI murdered them all because they were nationalists.  
Nationalists will one day all be rounded up and killed [ I think they like this one because it makes them feel brave; like a freedom fighter] 
Every time I stood for election I was warned by so many people “be careful you will just disappear, the establishment hates us because we can see what there game is. Ironic really, because every time I stood I was treat rather decently by these so called Marxist police officers and civil servants!

Our old people are left to starve to death, so immigrants can come in. The fact that thousands off old people are vulnerable every winter is a national disgrace. But too nationalists it can never be just that simple. There has to be a conspiracy behind it.

Then there are the conspiracy theories that are aimed solely at nationalists.
Whichever nationalist party you belong to [and there are more and more by the day] the rival nationalist parties are obviously a covert plan by the Marxists and Zionists to split the nationalist camp.
So ‘for instance’ if you are BNP everyone in the EDL or English Democrat’s is a Marxist or Zionist and vice versa if you are EDL or English Democrats.
If you are not a nationalist you are a Marxist or race traitor.
If you are a nationalist but don’t like Griffin then you even have a conspiracy about him also.
He is state protected and he actually works for the government to hold back nationalism.

I’m not naive enough to believe all that politicians tell me, but sometimes their decisions are down to just plain lunacy and bad management. 
But to nationalists there can never be a simple answer, there has to be a conspiracy and there does appear to be more acceptances of them in nationalist circles.

I’m waiting with anticipation for the theory that the Marxists/ Zionists have kidnapped Bigfoot and Nessie.


  1. What you mean Nessie and Bigfoot weren't kidnapped by the US Military Industrial Complex and hidden in Area 51 to be experimented on? Wow! ;) Great article by the way, wish more people could grasp the ridiculousness of thier simple knee-jerk flag waving simplistic thinking.

  2. Isn't this kind of conspiracy theory politics not unique to Fascism and it can be found in the ranks of so-called libertarians in outfits like UKIP and the Tea Party movement in the US?

    1. Conspiracy theories are not unique to fascists like the BNP, but, they do seem to go hand in hand with the nationalist mindset.
      UKIP 'for example' has the same conspiracy theory relating to global warming 'its not happening and its all made up by the ruling elite'
      But, I can only speak about what I have seen. I could write pages on the many loony conspiracy theories espoused by nationalists.