Thursday, 8 November 2012

Propaganda instead of policy’s

I appear to be back on the BNP mailing list.
When I left the BNP I received numerous anonymous threats and intimidation. Some were made by phone, some by email, so I changed both. I still check my old email address every so often just to see if there are any nationalist loons still sending anything.

I checked it today and was surprised to see one of their official propaganda emails.
At the moment the party is haemorrhaging support and have perhaps in desperation dug out some old mailing lists, my details being on it.

With this email there was an attachment for a leaflet which they will be distributing nationwide.
This leaflet is all about keeping our children safe from predatory sex criminals.
A very important cause!

But in usual BNP style it is just a convenient excuse to target a minority. It refers to the grooming gangs that have been all over the news these past few months.
But only the grooming gangs that are Muslim!
Let me be very clear on this.These Muslim men along with any child sex offender should be locked up and the key thrown away. I ‘like any decent human being’ detest sex criminals particularly sex crimes involving children.

The leaflet starts with a list of key points on how to spot a groomer.
One of these points specifically asks ‘does he hail from a Muslim country’?
“No doubting who this leaflet is targeting then”

This follows onto a short piece on how the establishment tried to lock Nick Griffin up when he raised this subject several years ago.
The BNP are having field day with this. Griffin said this was happening years ago and he was ignored and put on trial.
This should have been investigated then, just because a backwards racist like Griffin says it is happening does not mean you can ignore it.
Other people like Labour MP Ann Crier from Keighley and Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadan foundation also said that this was happening’ they too were ignored.

One aspect that has come to light in relation to these Muslim grooming gangs is that it has become very clear that many people who could have prevented these crimes turned a blind eye to this obscene behavior because of ethnic sensitivities and the fear of having the race card used against them.
There should be a full investigation and these people made to pay for their actions.

Next there is a photo of twenty five convicted pedophiles. 
All Brown skinned [maybe one white but it is hard to tell as he is wearing a cap, perhaps he been placed there just to try and avert criticism]
Underneath these pictures in bold print is the statement “These are groomers, this is what they look like”
With these pictures there is more advice for young girls.
“If you’re a Sikh he may pretend to be one too, even wearing a bangle and using a Sikh name”.
The BNP have been trying for a while to garner Sikh support. Not because they like and want Sikhs in the UK, but because they are trying to divide community’s.
Isolate the Muslims first then eventually they will get to the Sikhs, then Afro Caribbean, African, eastern Europeans etc.

There then follows a personal account by a young girl who was groomed by these perverts.  
Sadly there are far too many young girls who will have similar story's to tell.

Finally the leaflet finishes with a drawing of a young girl in distress, beside her a bottle of poison and just too make sure that the reader has no doubt where all groomers hail from there is the red crescent of Islam with a hypodermic needle through it.
Then just in case the you have missed the point of what all groomers look like. There is a very sinister faceless figure. A figure of a man with his hands up in a way that appears to be casting a spell.
Faceless yes but with one distinct feature. A beard and no mustache. The beard worn by many Muslim men.
Subtle and not so subtle programming that all these sick beasts are Muslim. No mention of the white grooming gang from Scotland. No mention of the white gang from Darby. And no mention of the various and assorted scum that prey on kids, because the perverts are white. The BNP is not interested in exposing white perverts and murders, this does there cause no good. There whole propaganda machine has no interest in right or wrong. Its only there to stigmatise minority's.

Whilst in the BNP I met a guy whose daughter had been groomed. I lost contact with him but hope the trial on the Rochdale grooming gang included the scum that had groomed and raped his daughter.
He came to the BNP when he was let down by his local police force.
He told me a harrowing tale of being visited by a police officer who broke down in tears in his living room because the guilty parties were not even getting investigated. He knew they were guilty but his hands were tied.
I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have your daughter hurt in this way and then for the police ‘who are supposed to protect the innocent’ let you down.
This guy joined the BNP is desperation.
I know he left in disgust when he realised what they were and I sincerely hope he and his family are getting their lives back together.
Not everyone who joins the far right is a racist; some just have no one else to try.

If there is a link to a certain community and sex crimes it needs examined to the full. 
There should be no fear of racism or cultural sensitivities. If it isn't morons like the BNP will get their wish and see whole communities labelled guilty without trial. 

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