Sunday, 18 November 2012

British nationalists-born again Christians?

These last few months I've watched as parties such as the BNP appear to be getting more religious. I say “appear” because it’s all just another propaganda con trick!

The BNP is not a Christian organisation. Many of the high ranking officials want God and Jesus replaced with Odin and Thor and the fairy story of heaven replaced with the equally ludicrous Valhalla.
You just have to look at some pictures of their antiquated get together’s to see overgrown children like Chris Beverly [ex BNP and current English democrat’s] running around with swords pretending to be ‘warriors’!!!

They despise Christianity because it originates from that place where all those brown skinned people live! That is not just a humorous dig this is what these fools believe.

One of the many weird things about party’s like the BNP is that we all know they want to turn the clock back, but I don’t think people know just how far.
Some of these nuts want paganism to be the national religion again.
Roll on stone circles been built on every village green and maypole dancing being the national sport ‘and god help us’ Morris dancing being on the curriculum at school!

What next religious slaughter of animals?
That sounds familiar, yet another cause that the nationalist parties have attempted to hijack [more on that another time]

Christianity is just another cause they have latched onto. One more with which to wring their hands and shout that 'the system is out to get them'. In typical nationalistic style [a style of paranoia and perceived unfairness] whereas every government organisation is out to get you and everything that is British/English.

Recently the BNP have even started a Sunday sermon on their website .This is just a cynical ploy to attract another demographic of voter.  It’s all the usual fire and brimstone, but laced with s heavy subterfuge that christianity is under threat.

For a few years now there has been this ridiculous misconception that the Christian faith is under attack. You hear on a regular basis how Christians are losing their rights.
Christianity is not under attack. It is becoming un-necessary!

It’s a pity that we are not treating all religions the same.  Unfortunately overly political correctness is ensuring that some other religions such as Islam are not also being consigned to history.

This is leaving the ground open to the childish nationalist’s party to stamp there feet and scream unfair.

Another reason they are becoming more vocal in the defence of Christianity is because ‘on average’ nationalist party members are increasingly coming from the older generation. This can be seen all too easily by looking at any of their propaganda photos. Whenever there is a meeting or street activity it’s all too obvious that they are attracting more of the elderly.

Why, are older folk racist?  No not at all. It may just be that many of the older generation are more susceptible to their message.  This message that everything has changed for the worse and Britain is a hellish land of immigrants and that their own government is out to destroy everything that is British and in this case Christianity.

This perceived attack on Christianity is just another tool in the nationalist party’s tool box to garner support.
After all the elderly now make up one of the largest demographic of voters in the UK!
If the BNP can fool them into believing that there Christian heritage is under attack they may just gain massive support.

In their clamour to get more votes they will defend anything that they believe will get them support.  
Victim status is the only message for nationalists. Once you cut through this they have nothing of substance to offer.

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