Monday, 26 November 2012

Nationalism and culture.

Most people gravitate towards nationalism because they have genuine concerns and believe the main parties aren't speaking for them. Its only when they get plugged into the propaganda machine that they are either sucked further in or blown out.
Most [like me] get blown out.

The ones who are sucked in end up in a [what is for all intense purposes] a cult!
It ends up all being about race and ethnicity.
They think there is a ‘concerted effort to eradicate the Anglo Saxon race and its culture’
They end up with an ever decreasing circle of friends and the world closes in on them. Leaders like Griffin end up with the same reverence as religious cult leaders like David Koresh and Jimmy Jones. Their world view becomes distorted and they see conspiracies everywhere.

This ethnicity/race argument falls on stony ground with so many people that nationalist parties are reinventing themselves. 
They now focus on culture instead.
They now no longer mention the colour of your skin or your ethnic origin, but the colour and style of your clothes. The music you listen too. The deity’s you worship and the language you speak.

These cultural nationalists say “it’s all about culture” but it’s just the same ideology re-branded to sell to the British voter.
Parties  like the English Democrats, Britain first, British freedom and several others [they seem to be springing up on a monthly basis] now say we don’t care about the colour of your skin as long as you embrace being British or English.

What exactly does this mean though? What is British/English culture?  
I think the most idiotic remark I've heard recently was by Eddy Butler [ex BNP now English Democrats]
He had been in Edinburgh for a few days and stated [on his blog] that there are glaring differences between cultures. He then goes onto say that you can tell the difference between an Englishman and a Scot just by the way they carry themselves??

Well if nationalists can see a difference between a Scot and an Englishman’ just by looking at them’ what the hell differences do they see when looking at an African or an Asian?
Again ‘it’s hard to argue with this kind of mentality. They will argue that ‘just because you can’t see it that you've been brainwashed by the politically correct media’ or some other such crap.

A definition of culture isthe characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Cuisine, music and the arts; this kind of positive multiculturalism has made Britain the vibrant and cosmopolitan country that it is today. Of course if you want to you will find an instance to bring that statement crumbling down, nationalists always do!

At a meeting in the North East one senior BNP man was doing a speech and moaned on for 20 minutes about how his girlfriend had dragged him to a local cultural event and some Indians had sold him a curry for five pounds and it was “small and horrible”.
This was [to him] how these “bloody foreigners are ripping us all off’.
It really doesn't take much for some people!
When faced with this kind of unwarranted bigotry you just roll your eyes and switch off and think once again "I've entered the twilight zone"
And then there was the ex BNP GLA member Richard Barnbrook who spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get such things as the Notting hill carnival stopped.
To your die hard nationalist these kinds of events are undermining British culture and identity!

Language; this is another favourite of Nationalists.
Yes there are problems with language. One example nationalists cite; are the vast amounts of money being spent on translation services, all funded by the taxpayer. They have a point.
The main issue ‘however’ should be if everyone speaks different languages how can a society work well?
The system is far from perfect but the nationalist way is not the answer.

Social habits and religion; now we come down to the reason me and many others have listened to the nationalist message.
All too often it is religion that has the greatest impact on social habits. It’s not so much the religion that causes social barriers but the social habits that the religion forms. Some good some bad, some downright barbaric and inhuman!       

Religion and the way it forms negative social habits is the one fly in the ointment. 
It is these bad points that the far right use to try and turn everyone off any aspect of multiculturalism.
I'm like many people and am not against the positive elements of multiculturalism, just the negative ones that divide us.

On the other side of the political spectrum and aiding them we have the post-modern left and there obsession with multiculturalism.
To them multiculturalism in its entirety is and always will be a good thing, and you must be a racist if you disagree.
This kind of arrogant thinking is causing more problems in British society than nationalism.

Nationalism is small time; a small handful of nutjob’s trying to stir things up.
The post-modern multicultural apologists are a huge movement though who have real influence and power on all aspects of our lives. They are the recruiting agents for the nationalists.

Under there screwed up version of a multicultural utopia; it’s great that everyone speaks different languages, live in there own communities and where stone age practices are accepted and tolerated because "we can’t criticise another culture".
"Yes we bloody can and what’s more; any moral modern human should"

The lefts obsession with multiculturalism has seen Britain become more and more segregated. People have divided along cultural lines and shut themselves off from their neighbours and all with the blessing of the left. This is not good for society.

The far right tell us everything but British/English culture is great and should be preserved. The far left tell us that we should respect and tolerate everything about another person’s culture.

It’s not about culture though. It’s about modernism. 
Its not about nationality it’s about rationality. It’s about encouraging the spread and growth of the modern world, not the encouragement and growth of the illiberal and inhumane backward world.

Religion and its associated social habits is the one thing that divides us.
We constantly hear from the right how Britain is a Christian country and should remain so.
This country was not built solely on Christianity. This country became modern by looking past Christianity and allowing society to develop without the constraint’s put on by it by religion.
In the process Christianity in the UK had to evolve. This is why the Anglican Church is liberal, it had to become so to survive.
The multicultural left want all religions to be equal in Britain. This means any religion no matter how backward it may be in some of its views should have an equal say in our society.
This is dangerous. Christianity went through an enlightenment [and I am not sticking up for Christianity  the sooner religion is assigned to history the better]. To a certain extent it came out of the dark ages.
Some other religions have yet to do this. Islam for one need’s to modernise to fit in with many aspects of the modern world!

So what is British/English culture, what is it that makes us stand out in the modern world?

I will get so much stick for this for but I don’t think we have one! 
We have a modern culture. A homogeneous culture that we share with many modern countries. Yes we have many cultural idiosyncrasies and sub cultures but it’s this modern culture we should be proud off. 
No doubt nationalists will be able to give me a long list of what it means to be British/English, but most of them will be from the past.

So the far right are trying to preserve something that doesn't exist. The far left are trying to force us to accept thought processes and practices that people in a modern world find appalling.
As a society we shouldn't be concentrating on multiculturalism and differences. We don’t have to be obsessed with monoculture either. We should be looking at what we have in common and our shared values.

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