Sunday, 16 September 2012

Multiculturalism. Divided we stand

Next week Professor Ted Cantle will be speaking at the National Secular Society conference about how state sponsored multiculturalism is dividing British communities. 

I’m so glad that at last as a society we are starting to debate this topic. One of the reasons I attended my first BNP meeting was the lunacy of cultural segregation, a negative aspect of multiculturalism. For far too long in this country communities have been allowed, in fact encouraged to separate themselves off from their neighbours. And for far too long the only people 'that I was aware' of that were speaking out about it were organisations such as the BNP.

A few years ago I got very angry with the way Britain was going so I contacted my local labour MP Eric Martlew. I voiced my concerns. The usual; rising unemployment, mass unrestricted immigration, and the negative aspects of multiculturalism. The answer I 
received was "I don't see any of these problems that you are mentioning; multiculturalism is only a force for good". I contacted my local Conservative and my local liberal also. The answers they gave regarding multiculturalism were exactly the same as what my labour MP Eric Martlew had given me.

Whilst growing up in the UK and looking to the future I took solace in two things. The overall population was dropping, this had to be good for society the environment and the planet. And that religion was playing less and less a part in the British way of life.

Now many years down the road one could not escape what was happening in modern Britain.  The population was exploding due to mass immigration and with this mass immigration came the left wing panacea of multiculturalism and there total denial of any negative aspects of it. In my brief shameful time in the BNP I had met very few voters who wanted to stop immigration altogether and most had no problem with genuine asylum seekers. They like me just wanted some common sense. I like many others believe whole heartedly in the free movement of people, but it has to be monitored, governed and 'yes for the good of everybody it needs to be restricted.

This obvious denial by new labour was astonishing. Morons like the BNP and other ethnic/cultural political party's say it’s because the powers that be are trying to exterminate the indigenous or white race. This is absolute bullshit!

New Labour was flooding the country with people because of ineptitude and botched economic policy's. Its not some great conspiracy theory just bad management. 

Oh and no doubt they also hoped that these new people would vote for them thus allowing them to stay in power longer.

So we have hundreds of thousands more people in the UK. What does human nature do when people move to other countries, in many cases they end up living in their own community's. A Scottish lady I once knew had moved from Scotland at the age of 6. She moved back to the UK 20 years later. Her family had taken her to Tasmania. She used to tell me about how the community of Scottish ex-pats had tartan carpets and tartan wall paper, flew the scone flag and had Ceilidh's every weekend. As Billy Connolly said "the most Scottish people you will ever meet don't even bloody live in Scotland". 

I think this is the case for many people no matter where they come from. However' when it is on a mass scale like Britain has seen in recent years it can be dangerous. These quirky little community's with a romantic heartfelt yearning for their homeland can then become isolated and segregated from mainstream society. Many on the left 'I believe' don't want to face up to this. They see any and all forms of multiculturalism as good.

For too long in this country anybody who spoke out against multiculturalism was labelled a racist. Organisations like Searchlight and 'Hope not Hate' of whom I don't doubt have the best intentions are exasperating the problems. There total denial that multiculturalism can only ever be a force for good and there obsession with the far right and only the far right has had the effect of putting anyone who questions there world view as a racist or a bigot, and more recently an Islamophobe

When you ask your political representative's what are they going to do about your concerns and you find out they are in total denial, what can you do?. In my case I got asked to a political meeting. A BNP meeting

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