Tuesday, 8 March 2016

We need liberalism but without the far left mentality.

Europe is in the throws of anarchy. This twisted form of liberalism that has invaded our very physce is going to end up destroying us.
For years this idiocy has ruled, it has become the mantra for our authorities and government.
"Multiculturalism is good". Speaking out against it is bad.

The sad thing is people don't appear to be bothered any more. People have always closed their eyes to inconvenient truths.
It's too scary to to many people to actually look around at what is happening. 
But now its as if it's gone viral. The vast amount of people are so preoccupied with their status or what BS is on the TV they are actually closing their  eyes to what is going on.

Sadly the only people who are getting angry are the tattooed fxxx nuts who march for idiotic orgs like the EDL or the BNP.
There's nothing wrong with speaking out against multiculturalism or immigration,especially the wrong kind of immigrant. But sadly to voice an opinion against allowing all the refugees into Europe is met with derision and contempt. 
All together now -racist. 

It's got nothing to do with race. As I've mentioned so many times in this blog I can't wait until there are no countries,  no borders, global equality etc BUT, it has to be done correctly. 
We can't just open the borders and let anyone in.
One day when the world is more uniform and all countries have the same standard of living etc then yes, open borders.  But sadly to do so now is suicide.
After all there's not many people wanting to move to sub Saharan Africa or the middle east is there.

As far as I'm concerned when it comes to the refugees we need to help the children first.  They had no hand in this catastrophe.  
Then the women because they tend to get a rough deal in these backward countries. 
The men. Well the men, who tend to make up the vast amount of refugees should be dealt with in refugee camps.
While I'm on about the men, why don't we mention an inconvenient truth. Why are they all fleeing rather than fight for a better country. 
It's a good job that this mentality didn't prevail in the UK when the nazis where on the march isn't it. 
It's a good job that the young men at the time stood there ground and fought rather than run away.

I fail to see how these so called liberals can shut their eyes to what is happening. 
Women get raped and assaulted in Norway, Sweden,Germany etc. 
Grooming gangs in the UK.
Terrorist sympathisers and religious zealots. Homo phobics,  bigots and racists.
and we all know the inconvenient truth don't we. They all have one thing in common! !!
Most are from one religion!

Of course there are nutters in all religion's but only these fake liberals which run our establishment will keep denying this very real truth. There is a problem with Islam.

I'm a real liberal. I believe strongly in race equality,  gender equality, sexual orientation equality,  employment equality. Christ to make it short I believe in equality,  full stop.
These fake liberals believe in equality for white people. And they believe that all races should be equal. But that's where their liberalism ends and their hypocrisy takes over. They have no desire to push real equality on others. They have no desire to enforce women's rights etc they are to busy bending over backwards because they have to -appreciate their culture.
How dare these left wing fools call themselves liberals.
The only way to save this country is not nationalism or patriotism, it's liberalism. But the real thing.

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