Thursday, 14 January 2016

Defend liberalism not nationalism

Things appear to be changing, albeit slowly.
The mainstream media are at last covering the sex attacks that are going on across Europe.  The catalyst for this has been Cologne.
For years they have tried to hush these attacks up for fear of driving support towards the anti immigration parties. Cologne is not a one of,  just about all sex crimes in Northern Europe are committed by immigrants, usually Muslim. But as usual if you said anything like this you were obviously a racist or isamlophobic.

This is why the media has been very slow in addressing this problem. It happend in the UK with the disgusting grooming gangs comprised of mostly Muslim men.
The local authorities and police also aided in hushing this problem up. Disgusting behaviour from people who are supposed to serve the people.

So now it has actually ben acknowledged that we have a Europe wide problem with islam....again.
Better informed people like me can say whether it’s islam or the culture of these perverts that causes them to commit so so many atrocities. But that doesn’t take away the question ,why are we allowing these people to live in our civilised countries?
Most people have no problem with immigration. It’s uncontrolled immigration and the wrong kind of immigration that people are against.

In Norway a country that I've visited many times they are even asking refugees and new arrivals to attend courses showing them how to treat women. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. If you don’t have that inbuilt moral compass that you should have as a human being you should not be allowed into a civilised country like Norway.

People like me gravitated to the BNP because of questions like this. I’ve coverd in length why I joined and why I left.
But the establishment and media still cry racist or islamophobe if anyone dare speak out and ask these questions.
The BNP is all but finished.  Drug dealing imbecile Clive Jefferson and equally moronic Adam Walker have seen to that, and good riddance.
But now we have a vacuum . We had a vacuum that allowed the edl to form and grow. A few years ago the bnp was starting to fall part.  People saw this and left a gap for people’s anger. This resulted in the EDL.
The EDL blow itself out by attracting to many hooligans and drunks. It could have been a huge demonstration of people’s anger at the government but instead it just turned into a racist mob. Good riddance to them as well. Tommy Robinson even turned his back on the organisation and was helped by the quilliam foundation.

Why do we allow religious bs into our country.
We laugh at Christianity but treat islam with kid gloves. We don’t lampoon people who live in our own society for believing in the most ludicrous BS.
They believe a man spoke to god and the quran is the word of God.  Why are we not laughing at this. We laugh at the thought of god coming down to earth as his own son then being nailed to a cross for our sins. Why does this bullshit get laughed at but Islam's doesn’t.

I believe it’s because of racism.
Not the racism that the likes of Nick Griffin espouse. The ‘whites are superior’ type.
This kind of racism looks at people of colour and their religion as not as developed and civilised as ours. It’s like an adult with a child. The adult allows the child to get away with so much more because they don’t know any better.
This is what’s wrong with the regressive left leaning thought processes that have taken over our society. It’s a knee jerk reaction to the old Britain.

The Britain of empire and looking down our noses at the rest of the world. So we attempted to make everyone and all cultures as valid and reasonable as our own. This has stopped us criticising backwards and regressive cultures.

So because of this moronic thinking  right across Europe we are seeing a rebirth of nationalism.
Dangerous times indeed. How do we stop it and what should anyone reading this blog considering do.

For me it’s a no brainer.  We need to defend liberalism.
Real liberalism. Religion needs kicked out of the public sphere, Christianity included. Put minority groups under the microscope, we have seen time and time again how they can end up working against there host country.
Ban religious practise's in everyday life. If you want to pray five times a day or say prayers do it on your own time in your own space.
Go 100 percent secular and stop pandering to religious fantasies and fascism. Ban halal and cosha  meat. We can’t have animal welfare laws for one and not for another.
In short stop this racist discrimination. If your black , brown or white. Christian , muslim or jew...and your an arsehole. Then call them out for it.

So don’t go down the nationalist  way. There are many groups and orgs you can support that have far more impact.
Maryam Namazie and the council for ex Muslims of Britian
Maajid Nawaz and the quilliam foundation
Muslims for progressive values
The British Humanist Association
British muslims for secular democracy
One Law For All
If you want to get political don’t give your time to the likes of the BNP.
I would like to encourage the reader to join a political party,,except the BNP but I'm afraid they a are all so ingrained with this regressive left wing thinking –even the tories- that I’m afraid you would be wasting your time. The tories may be to the right of politics but they have this regressive left wing mindset also, .
The greens have great policies in fact they have some of the best. Sadly though they suffer from the left wing whiteguilt.  I really dont like saying this especially since im an environmentalist and I really want a green government but if they ever gained power in their current guise society would fragment under the wave of multiculturalism and open borders. It's such a shame the greens have so much to offer if they would just give up this far left wooly thinking that a multiculturalism is great. The same can be said aboutCorbyns labour.
The liberals,  well who knows what they stand for anymore.

So yes angry and yes fight back but join an org that has some effect and put pressure on our idiots politicans to listen.

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