Saturday, 23 April 2016

St Georges day

So, it's St Georges Day, , woo bloody hoo.
No doubt the nationalist morons will be banging on about how important it is that we celebrate this day.
'We need to preserve our heritage'
'We need to remember who we are as a country,,,blah blah blah'

And no doubt the left will be banging on about how moronic the nationalists are for celebrating such an antiquated figure and how he isn't even English.

For me it's simple. St George is as relevant as that old lady who celebrated her 90th yesterday. ....not at all.
They are both examples of a backward looking country that need resigned to history.

It doesn't matter who or what St George is or represents. He's in the past and we as a country need to stop living in the past.
Christ I wish people would spend more time looking to the future and how we can improve it.

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