Saturday, 31 October 2015

Just a short one about the BNP

I very rarely check the far right sites anymore. They are as they say.....A busted flush. But after watching the documentray last week on Britain first I thought I would check them out. After all its worth looking at their sites just for the comedic value.

So anything been happening ?

Well to be honest not really. Britain first and Paul Golding are still trying to set themselves up as a Christian militia vowing to fight islam.
I wonder when Golding got religion?
The few times I met him he was just southern wide boy blagging his way through the BNP.
Griffing kicked him out for getting a bit full of himself.  Its past history now that Griffin didn't like his leadership questioned.
Now all of a sudden Golding is running about with a bible in his hand saying the power of Christ compels him to fight.
hmm when he was in the BNP it was well known that it was the power of cocaine that compelled him.
Still, being the saviour of christiantiy must pay well, he ain't half piled the weight on. It must be all that communion wine and biscuits.

Speaking of  Griffin  I wonder where he is now since his beloved party was taken off him. He keeps reappearing around Europe trying desperately to reignite his -saviour of the white race- status!!! But he's not having much luck.

But the best, the absolute best bit of BNP news is that the party has a new vice chairman.
One time drug dealer,, bouncer and all round Walter Mitty is now holding that position.
I think the BNP are following the labour model. Let's put the most unelectable people in charge, what can go wrong.
Previously Jefferson was in charge of the accounts. No mean feat for a man who can barely count.

Now he is second in command. which is not really that good when you consider there's only a few hundred members. Most of them will be the gullible sods who enrolled as life members. Apparently even if you leave the party your still a life member. So in real terms if you take away the life members Jeffersons promotion to number 2 is even less impressive.
I suppose a less compassionate person would draw the distinction that he is now a number two...but I wouldn't dream of doing that

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