Thursday, 22 May 2014

The last post-what now for the BNP

I was writing this article with the intent of waiting until the European election results came out on Sunday. However’ it seems pretty damned obvious that the BNP will be wiped out. So I've decided to alter it slightly and post now.
To be honest I cant be bothered to give them another thought or write about them any longer !!!So' this will be the last post on this blog. I will never know if it made a difference or if I was just putting my thoughts down for them to disappear into the ravenous beast that is the World Wide Web. 
I sincerely hope there is never a need to be concerned about the rise of regressive ad backwards nationalism again. The jury is still out on UKIP???

What now for the BNP?
To paraphrase the great Monty Python “This party is no more! It has ceased to be! 'It’s expired and gone to meet 'its maker! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, 'it rests in peace! 'It’s metabolic processes are now 'history! It's kicked the bucket, 'It’s shuffled off 'its mortal coil, 

Readers of this blog will know that I had a very small part in getting Nick Griffin elected. I console myself that because of where I live [we are a big county but few people compared to other areas of the UK] I think my efforts were minimal.
As I've stated many times Nick Griffin got elected because of the joint efforts of New Labour. Tony Blair and Gordon Browne were the real architects of Griffins success. Their complete incompetence and the way they alienated voters was a huge gain for the BNP.

The British media also played its part.
If anyone questioned immigration they were obviously a racist!
This double standard that the media has, were they so often over inflate and sensationalise stories, but then if this gets you to question immigration they will be the first to brand you as racist.

You then have organisations like the UAF. These people positively recruited for the party. I have openly said that if it weren't for the UAF I would have seen through the BNPs lies quicker.
But when someone is in your face screaming 'Nazi', you don’t walk away; you get pushed further in, you get more ingrained.
I actually got so angry with them that I seeked the confrontation!
I became even more active because I knew the more street activism I did the more it would rile these people to come after me.
The BNP never got me more committed-the UAF did.
It’s so familiar to see what’s happening with UKIP. Respectable elderly people being abused by these so called anti-fascists of the UAF. The media mostly joining in as well; and surprise surprise, UKIP is riding high in the polls!
UKIP as bad as they are for Britain, are not the BNP. The BNP is racist; it’s there for anyone with eyes to see.

No doubt after Sunday we will be represented by even more UKIP MEPs; People who are basically not going to participate in the parliamentary process.
We need people in Europe who want to be there because they wish to make it work. Not a load of overpaid petulant adults refusing to engage for the betterment of Europe.

So what now for the far right? If anyone thinks they are gone for good they are being delusional.
There are still fringe parties trying to corner this very small mind-set. At the moment one of Griffins acolytes is desperately trying get a street movement of the ground-British resistance.

He’s wasting his time. The EDL grew so big and so quick because it was new. It then went onto achieve nothing and now it has all but disappeared.
People won’t be so quick to follow yet another bunch of thugs.
I believe now that Griffin will give up the political route and he too will try to re-brand himself as a street activist. He too will fail. He has had his day he’s finished.

I think when it comes to any right wing growth we are safe for now.  BUT’ if we get another perfect storm like we did a few years ago. A mixture of out of touch politicians, a huge influx of cheap labour and the staggering greed of bankers and MPs we may get a resurgence.
And lets be honest here, apart from another huge influx of cheap labour things are pretty much the same.

If we want to prevent right wing lunatics getting main stream we need a change in politics.
We need MPs who live among us. Who know what real life is like for real people.
We need politicians who haven’t done a degree in politics and who actually know something about real life.
We need to stop the name calling. Yes idiots like Griffin are racist, and yes Farage may well be [I’ve never took much notice of UKIP, I did consider them briefly after I left the BNP but I was already too far along the road from Nationalism to rationalism]

Also' when Mr or Mrs Average complains about immigration or Islam don’t just shake your head and fist and shout racist or Islamophobe. Maybe these people aren’t?
Maybe they are just overwhelmed or even scared by the change. Engage them in debate, listen to their arguments and fears and at least try to understand before condemning them as bigots.

That’s how to stop the resurgence of a successor to the BNP.

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