Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The BNP undertaker.

It looks like the British National Party has a new plan.
Scare the life out of the elderly and infirm, wait for them to die [no doubt partly through the fear induced by reading their moronic propaganda] then wait for the reading of the will and collect the cash.
They have been openly gloating about this for months now, about how their money worries are over because of 'these gifts'.
God knows they needed the cash; they have very few supporters left and even fewer members to fleece.

Their latest windfall comes from a recently deceased old man whose assets added up to half a million. The far right sites are a buzz with what the BNP will do with this new found wealth. Some people even suggesting that it will not go on campaigning, but will be diverted to senior members pockets!

The grim reaper who has the ignoble task of fleecing the elderly is Clive Jefferson-Nick Griffins second in command. Now' Clive is an ex -bouncer, wannabe gangster, and all round Walter Mitty character. In his own head he is a politically astute genius.To those who have met him though he's a buffoon, and a not very clever one at that.
Most people will be aware of who Walter Mitty was.  But' just in case let me refresh your memory. Walter Mitty is the name of a fictional character from the late 30's. A character that's name has now entered general use. One definition of a 'Walter Mitty' is an ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic day dreams of personal triumphs.

Now in my brief time in the BNP I worked closely with this fantasist Clive Jefferson. He would have you believe he has done everything and been everywhere. I've even been present at a meeting when some old soldier has asked him

"Did you serve son".

Now most decent people would never dream of deceiving a retired old soldier.
Not Clive'Walter Mitty' Jefferson though.
He did a significant pause, looked thoughtful, briefly caught their eye and said
"Well I,, erm,, eh,, I can't really talk about it"
This left the honourable old soldier with the distinct impression that Jefferson either had a position in the army that he can't talk about or that he has some kind of trauma that prevents him from talking about it. He even has the limp and the walking stick to add a visual aid to his little performance
Give that man an Oscar!

So why are some of the elderly literally dying to hand over their cash to the BNP.
I've already told of how I was pulled into the BNP and that when I got promoted I had to go online. This is when I started to research and discover the real BNP.
Regrettably, a large percentage of the elderly don't use the internet.

Day in day out they read in the press about what's wrong with this country. They get the perception that crime is soaring, and that round every corner there is an African, Asian or Eastern European lurking, waiting to mug them; or worse.
They get despondent and afraid that our politicians seem to be powerless to throw out radicals.
And most of all they see their own country as a former shadow of what it once was.
All they see are ineffectual politicians too busy bailing out the bankers and looking after the rich to give a damn about them.
I'm not going to get into the rights and wrongs, what's true and what isn't. Its perceptions that many people base their world views on.
The BNP propaganda machine is geared up solely to give a false reality and to alter people's perceptions.

So these elderly get the BNP propaganda through their doors, maybe go to a meeting, or if they are really frail the BNP will 'kindly' visit them at home! They start believing these fools hold the answers. Now the BNP has a captive audience.
You only have to look on their own website and see their own pictures too see the disproportionate amount of elderly who attend the meetings and stand on the information tables in various towns.

Many of these won't be racist. Many of these won't be fascists, but a hell of a lot of them will be scared or angry.
I know they are; I've spoken to hundreds like them.
They see society has changed at an alarming rate.

We shouldn't dismiss these old people as all racist and assume they have left their money to the BNP because they were lifelong supporters. It could just be simply that opportunists like Clive Jefferson have spotted a weakness and taken full advantage of it!

Sadly there will no doubt me more elderly carcasses for the BNP vultures to pick clean

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