Friday, 11 November 2016

Perhaps some right wing parties need to do well to shaken up the left

Since Donald trump became president elect the left has being having conniptions . There world view has taken a huge hammering.
My god is their more racists than even they think there is.  No there isn't. 
There's more pissed of people than they thought there was.

But the undeniable fact is -the left caused brexit and now Trump. 
I'm not the only one saying this. The media is full of the same accusations. Left wing arrogance caused this .

As I've stated many times ,I'm a liberal. A progressive liberal. I actually want many of the same things that the left wants. But I'm also a realist. It takes time . You have to allow society to develop not berate it and scream abuse until everyone comes around to your way of thinking.  
The left has this arrogance that they have the moral high ground. Many times they do, but they have no humility.  They are so conceited that they look down their noses at anyone who doesn't see the world the way that they do.

There was a hustings in my city a few years ago. All the parties turned up including the BNP. 
The Green spoke person stood up and gave a speech about how he would not share the platform with the racist BNP. 
The thing is though ,no one asked him to. He wasn't sharing a platform . 
What he actually had was a golden opportunity to show the BNP up for what they were. Instead he took the self ordained moral high ground and refused to debate with them. 
This kind of mentality is the same one that gave us brexit and Trump.
We need to debate the unpalatable and the uncomfortable. 

Since leaving the BNP I have attended many political meetings and actually helped a few parties out with some activism, just to get to the grass roots level and see what they are about. I've not found one party that speaks for me . 
The reason I joined the BNP -believe it or not -was its environment policies.  So I thought I would look at the greens.
 Great environmental policies;superb. 
Other workable policies to get people to actually vote for you-virtually zero. 

The libdems are a shadow of their former selves. Which is a shame.  
They were hung out to dry because of tuition fees. Someone has to pay . It's actually a good system for students. Plus look at what they are doing now with brexit. It's democracy you fools ,accept it .
Labour. Well this party is vile  I wouldn't go anywhere near them. They are without a doubt the worst of the worst for arrogance, identity politics and trying to subvert democracy.

So the outshoot of this left wing mindset is that  nationalism is on the rise in Europe.  Brexit gave it a huge boost. Trump is going to send it ballistic.  
But it's not Trumps or Farages fault.  It's the lefts. 

Geert Wilders  in the Netherlands  and Le pen in France have a real chance of winning their respective elections. 
Have the french all of a sudden became more
Have the Dutch became xenophobic. .no. 
Their voters are just fed up. Fed up with the lies.  Fed up with multiculturalism.  Fed up with islam. 

This blog was set up to counter the far right and the stupidity that is nationalism and I honestly thought I would never say this. But as the left will not change, I hope these parties do well.
I wish I didn't have to say this but the left still has not woken up the untold damage they are causing and they don't look like they are going to so.... I actually hope that Le Penn and Wilder and other right wing parties do well. 
Not because I'm some kind of hypocrite and want nationalism back but because I believe it's going to take extreme measure s to waken up the regressive liberals and the appeasing left from their dangerous and backwards views on how society is. 
These are the very same reasons I voted for brexit. No one is listening to us. 

The labour party, the greens, the libdems and even the tories ( let's be honest they suffer from the same left wing disease) need to waken up to the people.  Yes defend the minorities but a for Christ's sale stop putting  them above the majority.  Total equality 

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