Thursday, 1 September 2016

There's only one way to save Europe

Europe is going backwards. We are allowing regressive and backwards mindsets to have to much influence in our countries.
For to long now we have allowed Islam to dictate that we accept them warts and all. They have slowly crept into positions of influence aided and abetted by a hand wringing naval gazing liberal elite.

Now things have moved up a few gears. Literally millions of Muslims are trying and in to many cases being successful in gaining admittance to the continent of progress and equality.  And what do they do when many get here ? They demand that our societies adapt and conform to the backward societies from which they have fled; and we do.

The evil that is multiculturalism has caused this. The so called left has colluded in this shame full regresiveness of European society.

We've had hundreds if not thousands of British kids molested by perverts. We've had zero prosecutions against sadists who carry out fgm on young British girls.
We allow the moronic mindset that endorses honour killing.
In Scandinavia and Germany the rape epidemic is getting worse, perpetrated by Muslims.
The likes of Angela Merkel are traitors. Not  race traitors as the far right fucknuts would have you believe.
 No she and others like her  are traitors to civilisation.    She should be ashamed of what she has brought on her fellow citizens. But she won't.
Politicians don't do self doubt or self recrimination. They are the elite and believe themselves right no matter what.

For to long in Europe anyone speaking out is racist. The islamists and regressive left even invented a new term for rational people who are against the whole cult of Islam- islamophobic.

I want to live in a society of different people. Different colours and ethnicity's.  But multiculturalism is never ever going to bring this utopia. The only way to have  a diverse and coherent society is to scrap any and all stupid ideas of multiculturalism.

Europe needs to stand up for itself.
You want to move here, great. You want to bring your skills or knowledge here ,great.
But we need to enforce modernity and progress.
If your fleeing  a war zone or your looking for a better life; turn your back on your these three ideals of which we all place so much emphasis are the three major obstacles to harmony in a society-tradition, culture and religion.

I will get called racist, islamophobic, bigoted etc. But I don't care. Every child-black brown or white- that suffers at the hands of tradition, culture and religion is a national disgrace for us as a society.
Every Child black brown or white that is brainwashed into the fear that there is a god and they will suffer if they don't do what they are told is child abuse and should be treat the same.

Everyone that gains entry to Europe should be told to live a modern life . If not send them back Irrespective of dangers they may face.

Europe needs to defend humanity and equality from people that would bring it down.

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