Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Scottish police woman's hijab

Nicola Sturgeon appears to be in direct competition with Angela Merkel for the most overtly pc fool In Europe!

The SNP are turning from what used to be all about self rule to allowing anyone to rule them Or dictate to them how their society should act.

Firstly Sturgeon wants the UK government to ignore a referendum on membership of the EU and hand control of Scotland and its people over to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
Now she is bringing a religious garment into the Scottish police force to appease some Muslims.

From now on Muslim women will have the choice of joining the police and wearing a hijab. Absolute rubbish. Scotland is supposed to be a secular country. The church and state are divided for good reason.

Why the hell are we in the west so damned obsessed with Islam and Muslims. We need to stop this rubbish -now.
It just encourages division.

The more our so called leaders do to enhance social cohesion the more they destroy it.
Are they really so thick or is there a plan ?
I really am at a loss to understand this mindset. It's like virus that has been spreading for years and does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

At least with a virus a strong doze of drugs would get rid of it. I wish this virus of society was as easy to cure.

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