Wednesday, 31 August 2016

An old BNP member

So last night I bumped into a guy who was in the BNP with me. We grabbed a beer and a catch up.

He was pretty much like me. Sick of not being listened to .
When you get called a racist because you care about mass immigration eventually you just think "sod it no one is listening "and you get suckered into joining an organisation like the BNP.

He left when I did.  Disillusioned with the party and disgusted that they were what people said they were.
He had a very similar story to me. He got used to the thrill of going up against the self opinionated regressive left wing. These cretins push people further into groups like the BNP and EDL.
I've mentioned many times how they pushed me further in. I actively went looking for conflict with these morons. And if I'm honest...I miss it.

When you get called racist and Nazi just because you think to many people are coming here and that we are bending over backwards for regressive cultures and religions it doesn't have the effect of making you change your thinking.
You get angry and think 'fxxx it' and commit more to the party.

When I left I was approached by several left wing- so called anti Nazi orgs to expose the BNP. But it was heavily implied that I had to have a Damascan conversion and say 'everythings great and there's no problems in the UK'.
I couldn't do that  and that's how this blog came to be .

The problems that made me join the BNP are still there. In fact I think things are in many respects worse. If ukip hadn't come along the BNP or something similar would be doing very well.
UKIP is becoming irrelevant since brexit so the danger of the far right could come back.

Thank god it has become acceptable to voice concerns about mass immigration and Islam. But if some fool like Corbyn gets any power I can see a huge surge of people looking for representation will look for anyone to follow.

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