Saturday, 16 July 2016

Time to close the doors

After the attacks in Nice you can guarantee that there's more to come. We need to shut down a lot of immigration from muslim countries, indeed even from non-muslim countries if they are muslim.

We need to start to be judgemental and methodical in who we let into our country.
Apostates, homosexuals,women and children need to take priority  for refugee status.
Likewise we need to take back our country from religion. We need to go full secular. We should throw the bishops out of the house of lords, we should implement one law for all- this means no deviation on religous grounds.
We should ban the building of any religous buildings and stop tax free status of all existing ones.
Religion needs to be driven out of the public sphere.  If you wish to believe in a sky fairy ,fine, but do it at home. Keep your faith of our streets.
After all its your choice to remain ignorant. There is a wealth of information out there for you to read, but if you would rather believe in absolute nonsense that's your choice,but youshouldn't expect society to respect you for it.

Halal and cosha food needs banned. The animals do not believe in your god so why should they suffer more just for your delusions.
The burqua should be banned as it's a symbol, not of your devotion to your invisible friend, but a symbol that you refuse to or cannot (women should not be ashamed to be seen) integrate in society. In fact I  would go as far as banning all religous dress and adornments.
Most people are not religous so why should the majority have to put up with your delusional nonsense.

No doubt many people who read this will condemn me as a racist or islamophobe but you couldn't  be more wrong. I believe in complete and utter equality. Irrespective of colour,ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
The only way to save society is to move forward.
God does not exist,please please grow up.
The bible and the quran are just books of fable myth and historic inaccuracies. Made up by men who thought the world was flat and the stars where pinholes in the blanket of the night sky.

For gods sake it's 2016. We have been to the moon. We are going to mars.
Do you honestly believe that this god of yours showed himself to just  a few hundred square miles in the desert, and sent prophets or  even a son . Come on my friend ,your being crazy and if you stopped and thought about it you would agree.

In Europe our society was moving forward,fast. In Persia and the middle east-pre-islam days- they too were moving fast.  Then they invented a god and have done little since. The Europeans did the same we stagnated for years under christianity but thankfully most of that burden went and when it did and the majority ceased to believe in fairy tales we moved on rapidly. We can not and should not replace one lunacy with another.

The only way to save Britain and indeed the west is to remove religion from public life. Then and only then will we be able to move on as a species with open borders and form a cosmopolitan society of equality and true harmony.

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