Thursday, 5 May 2016

The antisemitc left.

So the left is full of antisemites!.
Wow stop the press.......Many of us have known this for years.
There are so many on the left who blame Israel and the USA for absolutely everything that they are blind to other countries failings.

I think this is why the left embraces Islam and refuses to lay a lot of guilt at there door.
Yes Israel does harm and yes the USA does harm but they are not the only bad guys.
So many people on the left are so wrapped up with hatred of these two countries they refuse to see any other villains, and when other villains do come to light they can be excused away as a product of America's foreign policy or Israel s apartheid nature.
Guess what guys there are some other bad guys out there as well.

When I came face to face with the fools from antifa or the UAF I used to love arguing with them. The crap that they come out with was unreal. I've heard some of them defend Iran, Cuba, and even North Korea. They are so wrapped up with hatred of the U.S and Israel they will defend anyone who is left leaning or whom they think is.

Even when you get up to the senior mouthpieces for the left the stupidity is stunning. When you hear the likes of Galloway defending North Korea and blaming all its ills on the US and south Korea.
Then there's the leftys who defend the Alquds march in London. A pro Iranian regime protest, Christ they should ban it not praise it.

The left wonder why they can't get widespread support. Parties like the greens and labour could gain so much more support if they would stop being so obsesed with what they perceive as the victims of the US and Israel and start to look at what is on most people's minds...immigration, job security and the NHS just for starters.

Last year I asked a really decent  member of the green party why the left was so obsesed with Israel.  His answer 'Israel is a democratic state and we should hold it accountable for its actions'. So is turkey I said why don't you lot shout about the way they terrorise the answer.

Come on lefties wake up. Just becasue Israel and the US can be bad guys doesn't means others can't.  You can have two or more bad guys. You can have the whole  bloody lot of them can be the bad guys.
Just becasue there's an obvious villain don't just assume the other guys are in the right or justified.

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