Saturday, 7 May 2016

London has a Muslim mayor

The like of the BNP and Britain first must be chocking on their -good old British breakfasts this morning. London has an muslim mayor!
I think it's hilarious that they class Khan as a closet extremist and isis supporter.
He's a Muslim,  so what.
Do these fools who are so scared of him being muslim not realise that he is the kind of guy who may actually deal with the 'Muslim problem' and by that I mean the extremism that a has festered and the stone age practices that has been allowed to ripen in the Muslim community.
Let's be honest has any white non muslim mps, mayors or public officials done anything to root it out. No'they are all so bloody obsesed with looking racist or islamophobic.
Good luck to the man I genuinely believe he will be good for the capital and the UK.

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