Sunday, 28 February 2016

We need to leave the EU

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know I'm pro EU- in theory. I know that the EU is broken. But I've always thought that it is not beyond repair.

Sadly I was wrong. It's getting worse. These undemocratic fools have no idea how to sort this mess out. So sadly we have to leave.
I hoped that the political will was there to make it more democratic and fair but it's not.
In June we have to vote to leave. Nothing to do with patriotism or nationalism. I care nothing for nationalism and very little for patriotism.
For me it boils down to a simple question -is it democratic and is it working.  The answer has to be -no.

Look at what Merkel has done alone by her actions. She is supposed to be part of a union and yet she has caused more stress on many European cities by opening the doors to anyone who could get to Germany. Her actions have resulted in more people risking    their lives attempting a dangerous journey. Her actions -to make her self feel better-have resulted in massive pressure on many countries. That is not the actions of a democratic partner of a political union.

I have no problem been governed  by a European parliament. I have no problem with a mixed Europe, open borders between members, joint foreign policy etc. I just want to see it ran properly for the benefit of all.I honestly believe a more integrated EU would be best but it ain't going to happen. So if we're not in completely and it's not ran democratically it's time to leave.

Hopefully one day we can have a European union,,that works. I think it's a natural progression. I also believe that a world government is also one day inevitable.
But what we have now is a farce and no where near democratic. So we have to leave And hopefully one day rebuild what should be a great dream of a working EU.

But then again without Europe we are doomed to the tories riding roughshod over us all.

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