Thursday, 5 November 2015

A second chance

I was reading an article this week about Jordan Horner, otherwise know as the ginger jihadi. This young guy became quite well known in the press for his imbecilic crusade on the streets of the capital for -Muslims against crusades. These idiots were campaigning and bullying people who were -in their oppionion- being unislamic This included women dressing in modern clothes and people consuming alcohol.
Anyways he was caught tried and sentenced. 

It appears though that whilst in prison he has had an epiphany. He has come to realise that his behaviour in itself was unislamic.  Upon release he has expressed his deep regret at his actions and apologised for his behaviour to both the British people and also to muslims for bringing their religion into disrepute. 

Allready many sites and commentators are condemning the guy -not left wing sites though,they only condemn people who have swung to the political far right. They don't have a problem with the religous far right.

Anyways' a lot of sites are denying this guy a second chance. They are denying him the chance to make amends. After all shouldn't everyone be giving a chance to make up for wrongdoings and idiocy.
I say give the kid a chance. Yeah he acted like a fool. A naive fool who fell for someone else's BS. In this case it was born again cretin Anjem Choudry. Choudry, just like Griffin are beyond help. But people who make foolish decisions and support these people should be allowed to move on and say sorry. 

Christ knows I'm not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn but everyone should take a note out of his book. This week he read out an email during PMQs from a former BNP organiser.

Aparently this guy has seen the error of his ways and moved on-good for him . There are a few of us.
Give people a chance, allow them  to move on. Whether its the political or religous far right. 
A lot of these people have something to offer about falling for extreme views.