Saturday, 31 October 2015

Just a short one about the BNP

I very rarely check the far right sites anymore. They are as they say.....A busted flush. But after watching the documentray last week on Britain first I thought I would check them out. After all its worth looking at their sites just for the comedic value.

So anything been happening ?

Well to be honest not really. Britain first and Paul Golding are still trying to set themselves up as a Christian militia vowing to fight islam.
I wonder when Golding got religion?
The few times I met him he was just southern wide boy blagging his way through the BNP.
Griffing kicked him out for getting a bit full of himself.  Its past history now that Griffin didn't like his leadership questioned.
Now all of a sudden Golding is running about with a bible in his hand saying the power of Christ compels him to fight.
hmm when he was in the BNP it was well known that it was the power of cocaine that compelled him.
Still, being the saviour of christiantiy must pay well, he ain't half piled the weight on. It must be all that communion wine and biscuits.

Speaking of  Griffin  I wonder where he is now since his beloved party was taken off him. He keeps reappearing around Europe trying desperately to reignite his -saviour of the white race- status!!! But he's not having much luck.

But the best, the absolute best bit of BNP news is that the party has a new vice chairman.
One time drug dealer,, bouncer and all round Walter Mitty is now holding that position.
I think the BNP are following the labour model. Let's put the most unelectable people in charge, what can go wrong.
Previously Jefferson was in charge of the accounts. No mean feat for a man who can barely count.

Now he is second in command. which is not really that good when you consider there's only a few hundred members. Most of them will be the gullible sods who enrolled as life members. Apparently even if you leave the party your still a life member. So in real terms if you take away the life members Jeffersons promotion to number 2 is even less impressive.
I suppose a less compassionate person would draw the distinction that he is now a number two...but I wouldn't dream of doing that

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All hail Corbyn - part two.

So as I say we now have the darling of the left as leader of the opposition. A man who is as daft as Ken Livingstone and Diane Abbott -combined. ( ugh what a scary thought imagine the baby).

Christ I wish he wasn't a vegetarian, people already think we're a bunch of flower wearing lunatics.  Why cant the  vegetarians and vegans in the public eye be normal.
I'm sick of people thinking I'm some energy depleted grey skinned cabbage gobbler because I don't eat animal products and care deeply about the environment.

Why is the image of 'our kind' always portrayed like this. Not the numerous sports and film stars that are vegetarian /vegan. Who look bloody good on it and are normal.
No we get to be judged by grey old men like Corbyn. Who if caught out in a strong wind would be on route to Russia or Cuba.
Quick turn the fan on.

And why are we judged by so many people like this. Because let's be bloody honest.....We have bad, really bad spokespeople flying our flag.
Its usualy white boys and girls with dredlocks. Why? I've no ****ing idea. Why does the environmental movement allow these f***nuts to speak for us.
Or sanctimonious gobshites  who think the 7 billion of us could all live in a yurtz and grow our own organic food and be no blight on nature.
Yeah okay, bring the straight jacket,  these failed art students are in need of help.

I believe the reason the environmental/animal rights is so mired down in such a bad image is because the whole movement  has its roots in left wing thought and that we have tied ourselves in knots trying to be all inclusive.

Just recently I've had this experience with the hunt sabatuers. I was a great fan of these .. I say I was.
It turns out that they are funded by the anti-fascist network. This is the same mindset that funds apoligist orgs like hope not hate and the UAF.
They had a real problem with my past political idiocy. Even though I told them to check out my blog and see that I'm not some fire eyed racist. I don't think they ever did.
Anyways they graciously said I could join them if I renounced my past-er hello what's this blog about?
But I declined. I don't want to run about the hills with a group that I genuinely believe would not even exist if fox hunting was a cultural thing that people with black or brown skin participated in. No white people do it.
And more importantly, rich white people do it.

 I also attended another animal rights group that stated that dog fighting was on the increase.
Horrific ,yep you bet. But what pissed me of even more was the fact that the speaker then said 'but we have to be carefull how we handle this because its done by a lot of Asians, it's a cultural thing'

I was furious.  Sod ethnic sensitivities and cultural excuses. Wrong is wrong no matter which colour the arsehole is that's doing it.
The environmental movement needs to be more inclusive of politics. Stop being so obsesed with sensitivity and be more appealing to the masses.
bit like left wing politics really

All hail Corbyn

I know I said no more post's, and I did mean it.
No more on how divisive and backwards nationalism is.  It's all been said and unless something really bad happens in Europe like let's say .....huge mass immigration ! Oh hell !!!
I can't see it coming back ? So until then I shall leave it alone.

Nationalism -at the moment- doesn't concern me.

What really bothers me is left wing complacency and hypocrisy.
The left should be the champions of truth and justice. Human rights , sexual rights, sexual equality are the things that the left should defend, irrespective of colour, race, sexual orientation, gender, culture or religion.  Sadly though the left has lost its way. I'm not the only one to see this. Far more inteligent people than me have wrote miles of column inches on this subject, and they are right.

Just recently the labour party has took a huge step backwards. They have gone so far back there's a huge comet heading for earth and the dinosaurs are running for their lives.
A guy who has been in a safe seat for thirty years. Hasn't had to be a statesman and has had the luxury to be a pain in the arse to the labour party because he simply could no harm as he was so now in charge.
So we now have the tories and ,,and,,, hold on wait,,give me a minute.....nope thats it.

We have the tories. No real opposition to speak off and none can be seen charging up any metaphorical hill anytime soon.
The greens-as thoroughly decent people that they are-have as much chance of gaining power than I have of winning miss Islam 2016.
They have some cracking policies,  then sadly too many crackpot policies.

Labour under the new JC  ( that's jeremy corbyn by the way not jesus Christ,  but it may as well be the way his supporters have elevated him up to god like status) are catching up quickly with the greens. Christ ( no pun intended) before too long Corbyn will make Natalie Bennett seem quite rational and level headed.

Why does this annoy me so much. Why do I slag of the left so much on what started of as an anti nationalism blog?
Because' I hold many left wing views and I'm so sick of the left being hijacked by lentil eating, goat breeding,mung bean eating, humous sniffing, sandal wearing..gits ( I ran out of things to say about them without my blood boiling )

I don't mean any of them terms as a way of insult,,usually.
After all I live on lentils mung beans and humous -I'm a vegetarian stroke struggling vegan. And I hate that these cretins make me  and the whole environmental /animal rights  (which is the most important cause I belive in) look bad ( more on that in another post)

So I just wanted to get back into blogging and had to start somewhere. So I thought why not start with the political utopia that is far left, after all its the ideology that just keeps giving.
Giving laughs,fear,astonishment and sheer outright bloody anger.
If only the left would care about right and wrong and not be swayed by white man syndrome (white guilt ) and 'hey they hate the USA and Israel - let's support them'  they may actually have a chance of getting somewhere. Rather than just giving credence to fools like Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and the king of cretin -Russel Brand

Apologies for any errors, it's hard to type or even see blogging on a 6 inch tablet.