Thursday, 3 December 2015

The politics of fear

So the vote went in favour of air strikes against isis. 
When I say good I mean I'm glad that we are going to target these blood thirsty morons who are living in some kind of medieval distopia. They should be taken out they offer nothing to humanity or existence in any sense of the word.
And yes I'm concerned about how its done. I hope its done very accurately and they don't stop till every adult who supports isis is destroyed. I fail to see how any one can be given a second chance after supporting such barbarity. But no doubt the left will shout from their corner bleeding on about their human rights etc.

But this blog isn't about foreign policy , god knows there are enough keyboard experts banging away on social media putting their ten cents worth in. 
The rhetorics usually the same. The west caused it, we should keep out, we should talk to isis  ( that particular nugget tends to come from your most ardent lefty or luvvie) it's all about oil and destabilising the region so as we can go to war with Russia,  Iran or krypton. 
And finally the lefts favorite- we have delusions that we still have an empire or wish to build another.
Who knows there may be some truth in any of these , except krypton...but you never know .

What gets me so angry is the way the left and right operate. The right rely on fear of foreigners and outsiders. The left have just as bad paranoid delusions but theirs is focused at their own government .
I'D cards, internt monitoring, extra security always has a dark and sinister motive behind it.
The right tends to share these worries but usually because they think the state is watching them so as it can knock them of. I kid you not I've heard so many BNPers voice their paranoia on that subject. The similarities behind the left and the right is indeed massive.

For example Jeremy Corbyn is supposed to be a pacifist. 
Okay so why does he support Russia dropping bombs. The BNP have exactly the same mindset. They believe we should keep out of it but cheer on Putin. 
George Galloway, the lefts equivalent of Griffin, thinks we should keep out but then is never shy at supporting dictators like Castro, Sadam and Assad. Nick Griffin himself was a huge fan of Ghadafi and Assad. They both love their dictators.
Let's be honest if a moron like Galloway ever got power many of us would be off to re-education centres!!!

The far left and far right have so much in common they get confused what they are fighting for sometimes. 
But then again I've always said that there is more far left about the BNP than there is far Right. The left just don't want people to know the obvious glaring similarities between them.
The horseshoe analogy is getting more and more relevant. This goes that if you have far right at one end of the horse shoe and far left at the other there's really very little separating both ideologies.

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