Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All hail Corbyn

I know I said no more post's, and I did mean it.
No more on how divisive and backwards nationalism is.  It's all been said and unless something really bad happens in Europe like let's say .....huge mass immigration ! Oh hell !!!
I can't see it coming back ? So until then I shall leave it alone.

Nationalism -at the moment- doesn't concern me.

What really bothers me is left wing complacency and hypocrisy.
The left should be the champions of truth and justice. Human rights , sexual rights, sexual equality are the things that the left should defend, irrespective of colour, race, sexual orientation, gender, culture or religion.  Sadly though the left has lost its way. I'm not the only one to see this. Far more inteligent people than me have wrote miles of column inches on this subject, and they are right.

Just recently the labour party has took a huge step backwards. They have gone so far back there's a huge comet heading for earth and the dinosaurs are running for their lives.
A guy who has been in a safe seat for thirty years. Hasn't had to be a statesman and has had the luxury to be a pain in the arse to the labour party because he simply could no harm as he was so ineffectual..is now in charge.
So we now have the tories and ,,and,,, hold on wait,,give me a minute.....nope thats it.

We have the tories. No real opposition to speak off and none can be seen charging up any metaphorical hill anytime soon.
The greens-as thoroughly decent people that they are-have as much chance of gaining power than I have of winning miss Islam 2016.
They have some cracking policies,  then sadly too many crackpot policies.

Labour under the new JC  ( that's jeremy corbyn by the way not jesus Christ,  but it may as well be the way his supporters have elevated him up to god like status) are catching up quickly with the greens. Christ ( no pun intended) before too long Corbyn will make Natalie Bennett seem quite rational and level headed.

Why does this annoy me so much. Why do I slag of the left so much on what started of as an anti nationalism blog?
Because' I hold many left wing views and I'm so sick of the left being hijacked by lentil eating, goat breeding,mung bean eating, humous sniffing, sandal wearing..gits ( I ran out of things to say about them without my blood boiling )

I don't mean any of them terms as a way of insult,,usually.
After all I live on lentils mung beans and humous -I'm a vegetarian stroke struggling vegan. And I hate that these cretins make me  and the whole environmental /animal rights  (which is the most important cause I belive in) look bad ( more on that in another post)

So I just wanted to get back into blogging and had to start somewhere. So I thought why not start with the political utopia that is far left, after all its the ideology that just keeps giving.
Giving laughs,fear,astonishment and sheer outright bloody anger.
If only the left would care about right and wrong and not be swayed by white man syndrome (white guilt ) and 'hey they hate the USA and Israel - let's support them'  they may actually have a chance of getting somewhere. Rather than just giving credence to fools like Owen Jones, Laurie Penny and the king of cretin -Russel Brand

Apologies for any errors, it's hard to type or even see blogging on a 6 inch tablet.

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