Monday, 27 January 2014

The politics of Islamic identity.

This blog was started to help expose nationalism, mainly the BNP. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts will know that it is getting very hard to find something to write about this certain bunch of regressive and backward looking morons. They’re all but finished and good riddance.

However though, just because nationalism has had its day [it’s arguable if it ever really got started] that doesn't mean to say that backward thinking has gone away. There is another and I would argue just as bad if not worse movement coming from Islam.

Nationalism and the likes of the BNP wants ‘white Britain’s’ to see themselves as first and foremost- white Britain’s.
They want white Britain’s to cut them-selves of from non- whites, to separate ourselves so as there is no mixing of colour or ethnicity.
They prefer the term race in an attempt to prove that Africans or Europeans' for example, are worlds apart. Whereas sensible people know that the differences between every person on this planet is miniscule.
Everyone knows what white nationalism is, how backward it is and how corrosive it could become if it got root in our society.

But’ what about Islam or rather political and fundamentalist Islam. There is a real move by many radical Muslims to get Muslims to see themselves as first and foremost-Muslim. I fail to see the difference between this ideology and that of the BNP.
Okay the BNP is all about colour and Islam isn't [well it does have its fair share of racism as well]
Firebrand idiots like Anjem Choudry would love to get all Muslims to group together and live by sharia law.
Closet radicals like Mohammed Shafiq and his Ramadan foundation would prefer to get all Muslims to group together politically.
You only have to look at their website to see they have an agenda

They want Muslims to vote as a block, all voting for an Islamic agenda. To do either of these though, Fundamentalist or political, they first have to get much more support than they currently enjoy. Although’ it has been done already in Bradford by another closet radical George Galloway [mind you I think his motives are just power. If there were no Muslims he would find another group to pretend to be their champion. He’s just a power mad megalomaniac].
But’ he did successfully utilise the Muslim vote to get elected. He encouraged them to see themselves as different and that he was the only person who could deliver what they wanted.
This is dangerous. For any group of people to vote because of colour or religion is just asking for trouble. When any group of humans sees themselves as unique, better or more worthy than another; well just light blue touch paper and run like hell.

Look at Palestine. What the state of Israel is doing to the Palestinians is an abomination. I care about it, many people care about it. We care because these are fellow human beings being forced to live in the largest prison on earth, with few rights and suffering great hardship.
But the radicals use it for another reason. To strengthen the them and us mentality.  Of course all Muslims should care about what’s happening in Palestine, not because they are Muslim, but because they are people.
It may not be about race but it certainly is about identifying with a group –them and us. These radicals use this mentality to drive victim status further into the psyche of many Muslims.
After all when was the last time you heard a so called Muslim cleric shouting about the atrocities carried out against the people of Tibet?
Can you hear them shouting about tribes in Brazil losing their land to greedy government and multinational businesses. What about tribal wars [of which there has been a few] in Africa when one side suffers greatly at the hands of another for simply been a member of another tribe.
And do these Muslim scholars ever shout about the injustices of the Indian caste system. Not a word on any of these issues. Why?
Because they don’t want Muslims to see themselves as part of humanity - just as Muslims!

The BNP and other backward political party’s like Jobbick from Hungary or Golden dawn from Greece are constantly exposed by the media for what they are and quite right so.
It’s a pity that political/radical Islam does get as many column inches. Yeah the media goes after cretins like Anjem Choudry, Omar Bakri and Abu Quatada and sometimes even the blinkered and one sided anti-fascist/racists will write a quite derogatory article about one of them. But that’s as far as it goes.

Griffin and his white supremacist ideology is exposed and destroyed, no complaints there. But on the whole they leave political and radical Islam well alone. Can they not see though that many Muslim scholars are pushing more or less the same agenda as griffin? Supremacy, separation, segregation then????

Muslims come from all walks of life. All continents, countries, cultures and colours. They’re as different to each other as the rest of us. If we allow these fools like Choudry, Shaffiq and George Galloway to get Muslims to see themselves only as Muslim then we are heading for a world of hurt and that will be literally all over the world.

Nationalism is dead. Separation, supremacy and collective consciousness’ isn’t.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Maajid Nawaz, Mohamed Shafiq and the wrongly named liberal democrats

No doubt most people have heard about the on-going disgusting episode concerning Maajid Nawaz from the Quilliam foundation. If you haven’t let me fill you in.
Maajid is one of the good guys. He’s a guy who has learned from personal life experiences. Got pulled into radical Islam in Hizb ut-tahrir. Learned the error of his ways and has been working hard to build up the counter extremist think tank: Quilliam. An organisation that tries to stop young men going down the same route that he did.
Many so called moderate Muslim orgs in UK don’t like Quilliam and rubbish them at every opportunity they can.
Why? Because as I’ve already said Maajid Nawaz is one of the good guys, and many of these so called moderate orgs are about as liberal and moderate as the BNP.
They may want to turn people away from strapping a bomb to themselves and blowing innocents up, but moderate-are they hell.
Whereas Quilliam genuinely want to make changes in any radical psyche at grass roots level.
So ‘they already had it in for Maajid and his colleges.

Then a few months ago Quilliam had the guts and courage to broker a piece and withdrawal for Tommy Robinson from the EDL and as a result helped to destroy this very counterproductive movement.
Again’ Quilliam got loads of flak for doing this. Not just from Muslim orgs but from antifascists. These so called moderate and antifascists are so wrapped up in their inner politics that they didn't even want to give Quilliam a chance to see if it could work.

Now most recently Maajid has made the [to so called Moderates] unforgivable sin of tweeting a link to a cartoon of Jesus and Mohamed. Wow ‘heavy stuff eh. A cartoon. Let’s say that again a cartoon. People have died because of cartoons like this, or second rate movies. I mean come on what’s going on. IT’S A BLOODY CARTOON. Grow up.
Prime mover in this debacle had been one Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan foundation. To watch him on the politics show with Andrew Neil and Kenan Malik was fantastic.
Well fantastic for people like me who love to see ignorance exposed and stupidy highlighted. Kenan Malik as always was a breath of fresh air; even Andrew Neil was showing very visible impatience for Shafiq's bigotry and closeted radicalism.  

Now I don’t pretend to know loads about Islam. I don’t want to know loads about Islam. Why should I. I’m an atheist. I don’t buy into this BS that says we should respect religion. 
If religion gives you comfort and hope [genuinely] I can respect that and I will respect that. But religious people who try to impose their own will on society  and push their narrow minded bigotry on believers and non-believers alike ,well they can kiss my disbelieving arse. I will even tattoo god or Allah on there just for them. So pucker up.
I thought I would write this as an atheist and mostly as a fellow human being.I have no doubt that this is how the good people at Quilliam see me. As for these many so called 'moderates' I'm just a kufar an infidel. A title I wear with pride [well when it comes to people like this]

As for the deafening silence from Mr ‘spineless’ Nick Clegg or any other senior members of the wrongly named Liberal Democrats you should be ashamed of yourselves.
The same Liberal Democrats who several months ago sided with one of their members [yes he was a Muslim] who made threats against the very intelligent, thoughtful and thoroughly decent human being - Nahla Mahmoud..
What was her heinous crime?
She was an ex-Muslim. Yep that’s all it takes with these fools. She left Islam and had the courage to admit it on TV.  Pressure was put on the Lib Dems to stand tall and support freedom of speech.
What happened? You guessed it they sided with their Muslim member.
Liberal they are not. In fact just for them here’s the definition of liberal. It appears they have forgotten the meaning.
Not limited to/by established, traditional, orthodox, authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry?

Mind you the liberal democrats desperately need a new voter base since they lost the student vote by prostituting themselves to sit at the big boys table with Cameron and Osborne.

Hmm maybe the Muslim vote will do quite nicely

Friday, 24 January 2014

Culture equals nostalgia through rose coloured glasses

Too many people in Britain are obsessed with culture.
The definition of culture is -the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.

Why are we so preoccupied with it? What is it that we are so dearly trying to hang onto?
I've said this before but I actually don’t think there is a British culture anymore, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
I mean what exactly is the big difference between [for example] us, the Germans or the Dutch?

Of course there are subtle differences -but very few.’
Very rarely do you hear an argument though to preserve these different cultures’ [well except for the usual arguments from white pride ethno nationalists].We all hear how they are desperately trying to save the endangered [in their eyes] white culture. To hear these people talk the differences are huge and need preserved.
But why? What exactly is so special about the cultural fabric of these countries that separates them and that needs preserved and nurtured at all costs.  

Right’ that example was a safe one.
Now what if I ask the same question about’ Pakistan, Nigeria and Romania?  What is so special about these cultures?
Hmm, different ground. Now I’m in danger of upsetting the multiculturalists.
“He must be a racist to raise this question”

Let’s be very honest here as well, the more underdeveloped a country is the more culture plays a part in its people lives.
Also’ to many times culture is just another word for religion or belief system and for some reason it’s the cultures from the developing countries that people in the west are drawn to.
The hippies who make dream catchers to the politically correct ‘right on’ lefties who embrace any culture; as long as it comes from a country or peoples who are not their own.
We all know the types; funny little hats, crystals, course hair smocks made by some artisan on the slopes of the Himalayas [more often than not mass produced in China] playing the didgeridoo and saying Namaste instead of goodbye.
The words pretentious and precocious spring to mind!

Why do other cultures appeal so much to some people? Many even going as far as converting to that religion or belief system is there something so missing in their lives and they are trying to fill the void?
Is it so bad that we in Britain no longer have a distinct culture?

Monoculturalists or nationalists seem to think that Britain had this unique biological make up. That the people on this tiny island have a culture that is distinctive and individual in this world. Britain is best blah  blah, England football team, the royal family, the pub.  
Okay maybe I’m being a bit simplistic there. Obviously there’s more to the idiosyncrasies of the British psyche than that but hopefully you get my meaning.

Just as bad are the multiculturalists. They think that all cultures can co-exist with no problems.
Absolute madness!  Seeing as how religion makes up such a large part of culture, history is not exactly full of wonderful stories of opposing religions living side by side in harmony.
I mean come on not even religions who are supposed to believe in the same god can live in peace. They all find some minor detail to separate themselves from their brothers and sisters which so many times leads to bloodshed.

Far to many times this ‘tag’ of culture brings so much pain and suffering.
Take the Spanish, they have so many cruel rituals involving animals and we have to allow it because ‘it’s their culture’.
The French have recently got an exemption from the EU on producing foie gras, because it’s part of ‘their culture’.
At this very moment the Danes are carrying out the annual  barbaric slaughter of Dolphins. Its supposed to be a cultural rite of passage. Absolutely shameful and disgusting.
Worse of all, in the UK we have never once prosecuted anyone for FGM and our authorities turn a blind eye to forced marriage because ‘its someone’s culture and we must tread carefully and be respectful’.

At the moment we have 7 billion people on the planet. Far too many of them are confined by their culture. They have to do live the way their parents and their parents before them did.
Me personally I would rather live in a world with 7 billion individuals where the only difference between them is their personality, the essence of what makes them unique.
To move forward as one race we need to lose this nostalgic love of culture.

Just because we have always done things a certain way doesn't mean it should be preserved. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Immigration the truth –BBC

I've just watched this programme and have to say ’thank god we appear to be growing up!
As I've mentioned many times in previous posts it was the fact that I could not even discuss immigration that drove me to the BNP.

A few years ago I did try and voice my concerns with the representatives of the three main parties. Two of them dismissed my concerns and one actually suggested I held racist views.
So when I got invited to a BNP meeting I thought ‘what the hell, why not’ no one else is listening.

I've always held this basic fact to be true.
Nick Griffin does not get people to join the BNP- Mainstream politicians do!

Thankfully for Britain the BNP is all but finished. Britain is not full of racists. In fact quite the opposite, we are very accommodating. However’ years of ignoring peoples very real concerns allowed nationalism to take root and to flourish.
The BNP is mostly just a vehicle for disenfranchised voters Of course there are the hard liners in there; the core hierarchy. They tend to be the lifelong nationalists. Many started in the National Front and ended up in the BNP, simply because they thought it was a better vehicle for their backward views.
But apart from the obvious racists that the party attracts it has a very high turnover of ordinary members; that is to say that most people do not remain members long. They join out of anger or desperation but then abandon the racist and nationalist message within a year or two. 

In the programme it was stated that one of the reasons that immigration has not been allowed to be discussed was because of Enoch Powell’s –Rivers of blood speech.
This I completely agree with. Who is to say that if it wasn't for people like Nick Griffin using very real concerns about immigration to further his own retarded ethno-politics maybe it would have been easier to discuss it.
If it wasn't for Griffin shouting about the grooming gangs [who comprised mainly of Muslim men] maybe the blindfolds would have came of the relevant authorities eyes earlier.
That is in no way excusing the police and social workers total neglect off vulnerable children, after all other people like Ann Cryer were also demanding action but perhaps Griffin did muddy the waters? But' just because a racist fool says something is so doesn't mean we should ignore it.

I think 'eventually' this last decade or so will be celebrated in history for the way it changed the UK into a truly global country in global village and if that’s what politicians were aiming for they have succeeded.
But what they forgot about and ignored were the people living through it now. These are the people on the front lines.
These are the elderly that are afraid of this level of change. The young who find it hard to get employment in an overcrowded market and the added pressure on local authorities for housing, schools and hospitals.
Our politicians have also been out of touch with the people that immigration most affects- the poor

In this blog I have never said that I left the BNP because my views changed. I didn't have a Damascene conversion and think there were no problems to do with immigration and multiculturalism. I just realised that parties like the BNP are very wrong for modern Britain. 
I've also been very critical of the three main parties for allowing this to happen and the anti-racist organisations for indirectly aiding the growth of the far right.

We have a wonderful opportunity to make this [some would say’ social experiment] work and we have to make it work. After all what are the choices. More disharmony between communities. More distrust. More segregation between people of different religions

Is Britain better or worse because of mass immigration?
It’s happened. Shall we all navel gaze and throw accusations around for the next decade and discuss the pros and cons?
It wasn't the mass immigration and the people of different culture or religion; it was the blindfolds on the policy makers that caused the real problems.

Oh and one more thing . Well done the BBC for keeping Griffin and the BNP out of the debate.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The European elections are more important than our parliamentary elections.

In May the British people go to the polls to elect or re-elect our M.E.Ps. If voting patterns continue as they have been it will be a low turnout.
It was a low turnout that was partially responsible for Nick Griffin getting elected in 2009 and no doubt he will be hoping for the same low turnout this year.
This low voter turnout tends to be beneficial to the fringe parties. That is to say, the fringe parties that can mobilise their voters.
Since he got elected in 2009 Griffin and his small band of acolytes one and only overriding concern was to mobilise their ever decreasing band of voters for the next European election. What he and the BNP could do for the British was never the main concern. Riding the Brussels gravy train was [and lets be honest hes not alone in that].

We all know the BNP are all but finished. Nick Griffins 2009 question time appearance was the beginning of the end for them.
Voters saw what he was, and what his real thoughts were. Many party members saw that despite his denials and excuses he wasn't an alternative for disenfranchised voters, he was nothing more than a backward looking racist and these party members walked away in disgust.

Other party members began an internal war to remove him. They wanted the man removed but, not the ideology behind him [some actually wanted the party to go more radical]. 
Many just wanted the same retarded nationalism, but a new figure head. They needed someone who could [again] con the public into voting for them.
This never happened; the nationalist talent pool ‘thankfully’ is extremely small!

So here we are again, 2014 elections and the same fool trying to retain his seat.
Personally I don’t think he has a shot, even though they have desperately being trying to sign postal voters up since 2009.

Why postal voters?
Because a hell of a lot of disenfranchised voters can’t be bothered to walk to the polling station to vote. Griffin believes that if they could get these people to vote they would all vote BNP. 
However’ if they had been successful in this venture we would have seen BNP candidates getting a more healthy percentage of the vote in at least some elections. This just hasn't happened.
Their voter base has all but disappeared. 
They may get a bounce off the ‘perceived’ threat of large numbers of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants ‘swamping’ the UK.
Even Ed Miliband is [at last] admitting that cheap imported labour keeps wages down. As I've said in many previous posts- immigration is good for the country, uncontrolled unrestricted mass immigration is not.
Its mass immigration that worries people, and they shouldn't be treat like bigots or racists for saying so.

When Labour opened the doors to eastern European’s, Britain was one of only a few to do so. This time its different they have all the country’s in the European Union to move to.
Even if it does happen and we see a fresh wave of immigration the BNP will not reap many rewards from it.
UKIP will reap the benefits of this fresh feeling of dissatisfaction from the British voter.
There are also rumours that one of Griffins previous acolytes will be running in the North West for a rival party [I’m not going to waste my time explaining who they are. Suffice to say they left Griffin because they wanted to be top dog. Just more nationalist nutters].
If they do enter the race these fools will get minuscule votes, but that’s even fewer votes for Griffin.

Just a minor diversion in this article. The media is making a huge noise about Nick Griffin being declared bankrupt.
Shocking? No, not really.
I was privy to conversations about the fact that Griffin has nothing in his name just in case the debtors ever came calling, or one of his many stupid remarks ended up with him being sued.
He may be a nationalist fool but he’s no fool with his own money.

So back to it’ here we are again. The ‘pointless’ European elections are looming.
But they aren't pointless! 
We hear constantly how all our laws are made in Strasbourg. We are told that the British government is losing power every week to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And we are constantly told that everything that is wrong with Britain stems from the European parliament.
To be honest, I don’t know what is correct. We hear nothing but negative.
It’s very rare that we hear any positive news coming from Brussels. But’ just because our media don’t report it, does it means it isn't so?
Even our own politicians don’t defend the EU.
Perhaps they just like to have a scapegoat for their own incompetence? After all how convenient is it for them to have someone else to blame for their screw ups?

But’ the EU is here and its cost us all billions. Do you really think it’s going to just disappear?
It will just shut down and all member countries will just go back to the way they were before?
Not a chance in hell, it would be catastrophic.

Undoubtedly' globalisation is largely responsible for the state of the world. Our natural world has been decimated by greed. A banker living in one country can utterly destroy another country. Their greed knows no borders [they aren't just content with destroying our country]
So is this going to end ?
No of course it isn't.

The world is overpopulated. It’s suffering major social problems. The gap between the rich and poor is increasing. 
The biggest problem facing human beings is not immigrants from Europe, Muslims or a spoiled Korean man child who likes to feed his uncle [alive] to a pack of dogs’. Climate change is the real danger. 
Our raping of the natural world for our own greed and vanity and our unsustainable population growth is the main thing every inhabitant of this tiny planet should be worried about.
Idiotic nationalists like the BNP believe global warming is a Marxist plot to take over the world!
UKIP also believe that global warming is a hoax? I mean how stupid can you be to think that the vast majority of scientists are liars.
Any person who has actually read a scientific study [and not their own cherry picked data from some obscure internet source] cannot deny this is real and is happening now.

This is the biggest threat to our country; to every country.
It surpasses local and national politics. These very real problems need dealt with at international levels. I think we have seen just how inefficient governments are in talking to each other. The change that is done globally, this way is unbelievably slow. The world needs better government. Government that ignores invisible boundaries.
A European government is a natural part of social evolution.

So am I a supporter of ‘the’ European Union. No not at all. At least, not in its present form. 
Do I believe that we need a European Union?
Yes-absolutely. In fact I can’t emphasise enough how much I believe we need a European union.

Would the world have been better if globalisation had never happened?
Perhaps, but we spend too much time looking backwards and trying to answer that question.  In fact we spend too much time looking backwards on to many things.
The past has gone mistakes have been made but we need to look to the future.
The problems that we are facing are unprecedented in human history. The government of a small island in the Atlantic can do very little to combat these. A body that works together across borders should be far more efficient.
No doubt nationalists will call me a Marxist puppet or a fool for allowing myslef to be taken in by their secret plan but, I think it’s time to integrate more.

If we had the same wages, same benefit’s, same union rules, same employment rules right across Europe it would stabilise many of our concerns. Immigration 'for example'would not be as much of an issue.
We need to start looking at Europe as one entity. Make it work. Stop our naval gazing and saying ‘what could have been’

A note to die-hard nationalists.
Okay let’s say you get your dream, your utopia.
No more immigrants at all and the repatriation of many who are here now.
Do you honestly believe that this tiny Island can survive in a world of continuing upheaval and unrest caused by a disintegrating eco-system and all the trouble that comes with it.
If so, you’re not just deluded your suffering from severe mental problems!

We need to stop sending Europhobes to speak for us in Brussels. We  also need to stop sending sycophants, yes men and multinational puppets; but people who want Europe to work for the right reasons!

This is why the European elections are so important.

If we as voters spent more time voting for the system we want rather than voting against the system we don’t want things would greatly improve.