Sunday, 11 May 2014

SNP versus BNP

As we all know Scotland is holding a referendum on Scottish independence. This blog has been mostly dedicated to slagging nationalism of. So why hasn’t it touched on the Scottish National Party and their desire for an independent state.
Quite simple really-I don’t see Scottish nationalism as the same as the twisted BNPs nationalism. In fact let’s be honest it’s as far away from the identity politics of the BNP as you can get.

I'm no expert on the SNP but I can see no concerns about their quest for independence.
They are not obsessed with race. A Scot is a Scot no matter what colour you are or where you or your parents hail from.
They don’t want to get an independent Scotland and close the doors to the world.
They have no desire to stop immigration.
No desire to be a Christian nation, pluralism is very much in their mind-set.
They want to remain in Europe as a fully active member.
They are very much into renewable energy.

In fact I'm hard pushed to find anything I don’t like about them or their vision for an independent nation. Shame I live ten miles over the border I would be voting for independence. Christ' I would be actively campaigning for it!

Of course there are dangers with independence. They will attract the racist element. The xenophobic, racist small minded Scots [and there will be some] who will get carried away with this nationalistic mind-set.
I read that there had been a slight increase in racist attacks over the border. Even a member of the Scottish parliament who happens to be a Muslim has been attacked.

Is this the SNPs fault for raising the question of independence and in the process triggering some small minded racist bigots to show their true self’s?
No of course it’s not the SNP s fault.
Whereas, if the BNP got power racist attacks would become the norm and ignored by government. 
Ignored, I meant to say positively endorsed!

I have to admit as well that I have a vested interest in the outcome of the vote. I spend as much time in Scotland as I can. I have had a lifelong love affair with the Highlands and Islands.
Who knows its maybe in my blood? I am after all first generation English. My family line is steeped in Scotland’s folklore.
Don’t worry I'm not going down the road as some teary eyed nationalist who puts irrational emphasis on my lineage and think it makes me who I am.

I think part of the reason I have a love affair with Scotland [apart form the stunning beauty of the land and the warmth of the people] is because I was born and raised in the Borders. We are as much Scottish [probably more] than we are English. The historical and fluid movement of the Border has ensured that we are very much diluted; English and Scottish in equal measure.

Just as importantly as well, just like the Scots we have been trampled on, ignored and put down by successive British governments. After all London is 300 plus miles from Carlisle. Edinburgh and Glasgow a mere hundred!
The Scottish parliament is our neighbour. Whitehall and Westminster is foreign to us!
As far as I can tell Scotland is a far better country to live. Its run better, is more democratic and takes care of its people better than our elected idiots this side of the border.

In fact as far as I can tell the only problem I have with Scottish independent is this.

Mr Salmonds take us with you we belong to Scotland more than England. 

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  1. My contribution to your blog is my latest column on the topic which is based on my observation and experience that I gathered while I was an MRes student at the Uni of Glasgow in 2007/08. The link of the column is the following:

    Scotland: the post-referendum phase -- Daily Times

    I hope you will enjoy reading this piece.

    Dr Qaisar Rashid
    Lahore, Pakistan.