Friday, 1 November 2013

Charlene Downes case re-opened.

No sooner had I put my previous post on the web about the hypocrites that are Hope Not Hate that  I noticed that they are at it again.

The daily mail is running an article on the Charlene Downes disappearance from 10 years ago. I wont bother going into detail as the link describes better what has happened so far

I then had a read of the Hope not Hate site to see what they had to say about it.

Go down to the tenth paragraph.
As usual HnH have put their blinkers on and refuse to see the injustice here. They would rather ridicule this woman.
This woman lost her child ten years ago. She has been let down by the system. Her private life should not factor into this. All that matters is a child lost her life and someone is to blame; that’s it, no more!

She is a grieving mother. Can any parent out there say hand on heart that to lose a child in such a way and then to be let down by the police would not send you into the clutches of the odious NicK Griffin.

I've previously mentioned how I met one guy who joined the BNP because his daughter had been raped by a Muslim gang and the police did nothing. He joined the BNP out of anger and hatred.

But to people Like Mathew Collins this doesn't matter. He should be ashamed of himself.

This kind of mentality that HnH show reminds me when the news broke of the Muslim grooming gangs. Lancaster unity ran an article on it and the comments were disgusting.
"No doubt these girls were begging for it" " white trash" "teasing sluts" " I bet these girls instigated it"
and far far worse.
To the guys credit [who ran the blog] he was furious with some of the comments. But none the less it shows the mentality behind many of these 'so called' ant-fascists.


  1. Hate Not Hope. 'Twas not always thus. Back in 2005, HNH acknowledged the problem about the grooming gangs. But chose to keep quiet from 2005 to 2013.

    1. Thanks for this.It just shows the politics that goes on in any org.People shouldn't be silenced they should speak out no matter what