Friday, 1 November 2013

A recap on this blog.

When I started this blog in September 2012 I was a novice [I’m slightly better now]
I wasn’t sure how to get the circulation and to ensure it was read by as many people as possible. 
As times went by I must be getting better as the circulation greatly increases with each posting. So I thought I would post this easy recap of all posts up to date for new readers to browse back over and see if there’s anything of interest or use.

Introduction: A letter to Maryam Namazie at The Council Of Ex Muslims of Britain.

Multiculturalism divided we stand

Islamic hysteria =far right euphoria

BNP propaganda, comedy gold

Guardian poll. Voters would support anti-immigration party

Nationalist propaganda and victim status

If you want to live here, learn English. The absurdity of the citizenship test

The symbiotic relationship between the far right and the far left

Propaganda instead of policies

British nationalists-born again Christians

Nationalism and culture

Nationalists and the BBC

It’s not just about terrorists

Political correctness human rights and the far right

Nationalists and conspiracies

Guest article on the BNP and Muslim grooming gangs

The BNP undertaker

The Woolwich murderers and the far right

BNP plans Woolwich crusade

Griffin and Middle East dictators

UAF/BNP different sides of the same coin

Why can I not criticise Islam

The post-modern left and their continual attempt to link criticism of Islam as bordering on the Jewish annihilation in Europe

The cancer started in the West and went home

From Nationalism to rationalism

Am I left or right wing

Quilliam article 2010


What now for Tommy Robinson

A bit more on the BNP in regards to the EDL news

Nationalists and there obsession with homosexuality

We need a colour blind anti-racist organisation

Charlene Downes case reopened

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