Monday, 7 October 2013


I know I said in a previous post that I would no longer be following the far right to see what they are up to; and I stand by that. I've stopped trawling the BNP sites for stories, as there just isn't any. Add to this the fact that they are virtually finished as a political entity. But’ this is just a generalisation and not a direct observation relating to one specific event. 

The EDL pose a greater threat to social cohesion than the BNP. 

The BNP has a leader, it has a chairman. As inept and useless as he is he has to try and play the PR game. They are a political party and have to operate within certain legal parameters. Although the party is full of racists and Nazis he has to keep them hidden; or at least try. He knows fine well that if a long steady stream of pictures with shaven headed jackbooted thugs, giving dodgy skyward salutes and sporting strange tattoos; his voter base will go down even further [which is getting hard to comprehend as it’s virtually disappeared] 

At the moment Griffin holds an office as MEP, which is almost certain to evaporate at next year’s elections. I think when this happens he will attempt to emulate the EDL and try to build a street movement similar to what they have.  He is insanely jealous of their support. Even though their's has diminished, it still remains far larger than the BNPs. 

But for the moment he has to play the politics game. They cannot be seen to be stirring up racial tensions too much. 

To use the BNP name you have to be a member, with this comes rules. So on the whole activity throughout the BNP is relatively uniform. If an ex-member or an outsider attempts to use the brand name BNP they will be sued. 

Griffin owns brand BNP! 

In the opposing corner we have the EDL. Stephen Lennon is not a leader; he’s more of a figure head, a spokesperson. There is no membership. No enforceable code of conduct and no fear of being kicked out or indeed sued for using the name EDL. So unlike the BNP the EDL comprises of self-governing autonomous groups. These could be groups consisting of genuine people who have a valid and genuine concern regarding political and radical Islam. Or they could be groups consisting of Nazi thugs or racist bigots. Who have seen this street movement as a good excuse to blame Muslims and indeed all foreigners for all Britain’s ills? 

There are so many factions now it’s hard to keep track. 

So’ when a large protest is organised with divisions coming from all over the country it’s not surprising that there’s trouble. Many times EDL factions fight among themselves, and I understand that Lennon himself has attacked Nazis within the ranks. Throw into the mix the equally odious UAF and it’s a question of lighting the taper and run like hell. 

So do even the decent members [and there are bound to be some] of the EDL make the whole Islam question worse.

Yes’ there is no doubt they do. If you live in a Muslim community [mind you there should be no Muslim communities; just communities] and you see hundreds of white males marching and chanting often fueled with alcohol what are you going to do?

You’re not going to take a step back and think ‘hold on do these guys have a point’ no you will be pushed farther into your community.Where the the radical preachers can then go to work on you. As you do this the wider community feels even more threatened and round and round it goes.

In my opinion if the EDL founders really want to make a difference and fight political Islam. Put down your beer and your flags, disband the EDL and take another course of action. I’m pretty sure someone with such a high profile as Stephen Lennon would perhaps be taken a bit more seriously if he did this.

It would also go a long way into defusing tensions in neighborhoods as well. And it would allow the police to put more time and effort into tackling Islamist terror cells.Take one extremist group off the streets, save the tax payers money and also take away some of the victim status the Islamists crave.

There are many legitimate  groups taking on radical Islam and winning. Support these and really help make a difference!

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  1. Problem is, there's nobody else to be seen. A few obscure blogs, some Twitter clusters and that's all. Do a good deed, hijack the EDL, force them to mature.