Thursday, 1 November 2012

The symbiotic relationship between the far left and the far right

Since starting this blog I have received a few emails asking me why I’m so anti left wing. I should maybe clarify my position. When referring to the far left I’m not really talking about political ideology. It’s some organisations on the far left and the mentality of confrontation that I’m referring to.

When I went to my first BNP meeting I was met by a group of about 20 protesters. Made up of half adults and half kids. The kids mostly under 12 were all holding placards ‘which they obviously didn't write’ calling anyone who attended a Nazi.
I heard one young protester [who looked about eight] ask another person going into the meeting “are you a racist cunt” She looked far too young to even know what she was asking, the words had obviously been put into her mouth.

In the meeting I was told that the local UAF representative Brent Kennedy [a venomous little man] had organised the protest along with the brother of the local Asian Labour Cllr and roped a load of local kids in.  
On entering the meeting this same Brent Kennedy had got in my face screaming ‘Nazi’ at me, I just looked at him in bewilderment ‘who the hell was this nut-job?
I then had to walk past another handful of adults. One in particular [who we came to know as ‘side show bob [the Simpsons character with large hair] got right in my face telling me “you’re not welcome here Nazi” Oh and he was wearing a top hat?
Yeah I was going to take this guy seriously wasn't I?

I thought ‘who the hell are theses idiots and who the hell do they think they are talking to people like this’

This was my first experience of the UAF and unbeknown to them they had already primed me and pushed me further in before I had even attended my first meeting.
I'm like many people when someone gets in your face screaming obscenities it doesn't make you rethink your actions, it pushes you further in.

I had many such run in’s with the UAF [only the other times it was several dozen adults quite often wearing masks, hurling obscenities or spitting at you]. When this happens you don’t rethink your political allegiance, you get angry and focus on them as the enemy.
Then its not the support of the BNP that drives you, it’s your anger at these organisations.
Griffin exploits this to the full to portray the 'them and us' scenario.
I think if it wasn't for the UAF I would have had an even shorter relationship with the BNP.

The likes of ‘searchlight’ and ‘hope not hate do some good work exposing the far right ‘although some of it is politically motivated’ but needless to say anything that stops the far right gaining ground is good.
Without a doubt there anti BNP leafleting sessions during an election really do work [I have first-hand experience of this and how it can destroy the voter base] 
But I have a problem with some of their other tactics.

Recently the Muslim debate initiatives [MDI] were to hold a debate with Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson out of the EDL.
The MDI are exactly what the name implies they debate issues regarding Islam. One major criticism of Islam is that they are not open to debate. Here we have an org like the MDI who are open to debate and the far left UAF along with groups such as searchlight and hope not hate did the usual tactics of harassment and threats until the event was pulled.

Why do they do this?
Debate is a must in a healthy democracy. Even amongst people who would like to see democracy end.
As far as I'm concerned people like Nick Griffin, Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson need to be exposed on a regular basis. 
Put them on the TV but put them on and ask them the right questions!

When Griffin was on question time the far left went into overdrive. Hundreds demonstrated outside the BBC. There were clashes with the police and this resulted in loads of messages of support coming through to the office. Again the victim status was working and the BNP hierarchy loved it.
Hours later was Griffins moment in the spotlight. It was priceless and he was shown up for the racist holocaust denier that he is. 
I quit the next day but more importantly the BNP voter base collapsed. This is proof that the vast majority of the Great British public do not want nationalism.

So why do the likes of  searchlight and HnH not see that this is the way to bring down the BNP. Allow them in the spotlight [organised and with the right questions] give them enough rope then let them hang themselves.
Yes they should protest and leaflet but more importantly people need to see and hear the real agenda from Griffins own mouth.The British people will never flock on mass to them if they hear the fact’s.

To play into their hands and give them the victim status they so crave is ensuring that they remain. Show the public the truth and the likes of the BNP will disappear for good.

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